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The initiative will fail if the beta default skin is not made seamlessly compatible with Twinkle and its high use brethren, such as Huggle and Friendly. For those of you who don't know, Twinkle is a set of JavaScript functions that gives autoconfirmed, registered users at Wikipedia a set of tools that aids in fighting vandalism, patrolling newpages and automates many mundane tasks such as adding categories, marking pages with maintenance templates, stub tagging, and similar, vital background operations. Twinkle, Huggle and Friendly are used by a vast number of Wikipedia users, many of whom are Wikipedia's "core" editors, i.e., the ones who will have great influence in making this work and implementing it.

There are already complaints on Twinkle's talk page about the script breaking down when using Beta. This page is intended to not just inform the project of the need to make Beta compatible with these programs, but to serve as a clearing house for problems, workarounds and related matters geared toward smoothing out compatibility issues as they arise.

Bug reports

Please describe below the specific problem you have noticed with the use of Twinkle, Huggle, Friendly, or other script when using Beta. Please be sure, before listing any problem here, that the bug is not evident when using the monobook default skin. Please start each new problem noted inside of third level section header, i.e., ===headline===

Suggested solutions

List or discuss below proposed or possible solutions to identified problems.

Chinese Wikipedia has used a JS script to deal with it. It works for me: zh:MediaWiki:Gadget-vectorskin-thunks.js. --PhiLiP 20:41, 8 August 2009 (UTC)