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Multimedia talk:Initial survey

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Latest comment: 14 years ago by CrispMuncher in topic The current survey is nonsense

Opinion on the survey

I just completed this survey this morning (Monday 2009-10-26). (I am a native English speaker) but the questions are not easy to understand. "Do you use..." "Do you participate ..." What is the difference? You only discover what the difference is when you reach the later questions("look for files"/"upload files"). I do not believe the answers to this survey will provide good information. John.

  • Similarly to John... In question G0 when I answered "Yes, sometimes" and in question G1 I answered "I look for media files to illustrate Wikipedia or another Wikimedia project.", than I received question G2 "What is the main reason why you don't look for media files on Commons?" - imho it's nonsense ;/ Leinad 16:41, 26 October 2009 (UTC)Reply

Misleading survey

The banner I got stated, "Help us make it easier to add pictures to Wikipedia by taking a 2-minute survey!" The survey I took had everything to do with Commons, and nothing to do with Wikipedia. I feel very mislead by a spam that wasted my time.

The distinction is clear to me "at my current level of understanding:" If it's GFDL/CC/PD I can put it on Commons, if not, I put it on Wikipedia with a Fair Use Rationale.

Given that current state of understanding, I'm really concerned only with Wikipedia's "extremely messed up" process for uploading an image with a FUR. If Commons process is equally messed up, I'd never have guessed.

Nonetheless, the one image I did upload to Wikipedia only left the impression, "Wow they must think I want to join the Army or something," and left zero incentive for uploading any more.

In all, Wikipedia's process is so extreme, that I wouldn't bother even addressing Commons process without good reason.

If you want to do a survey exclusively about "uploading to Commons" then the banner should read "Help us make it easier to add pictures to Commons by taking a 2-minute survey!". That way, you won't have soured your survey pool. Nor wasted my time. —Aladdin Sane 13:23, 26 October 2009 (UTC)Reply

The current survey is nonsense

It is asking "Why do you use?" with only positive options, and then "why do you NOT use?" forcing me to tell why I don't use it, with no option to say actually I DO use it... so I was forced to fill in some bul**it because I can not just skip this step, it requires an answer. I guess this survey will receive about 50% information and 50% bul**it, which makes it totally useless.

Same goes for most questions, for instance "Do you upload the following media types rarely (– –) or very often (+ +)?". I never upload videos, but if I want a chance to access the next step of the survey, I HAVE to lie and say that I "rarely" use it. I guess this question will get 99% lies. Totally useless and irritating. Why is there no "never" column? I can't believe nobody thought about it?

"What is the main reason why you don't participate in Commons?" should have an option "No, I actually participate".

There are a lot of "Writing surveys for dummies" on the web such as [1]. Cheers Nicolas1981 08:01, 27 October 2009 (UTC)Reply

I agree with this in full: the survey is hopeless. Asking questions (and demanding an answer!) for a question that obviously does not apply based on previous answers is ridiculous. Can the obviously not appropriate answers be filtered out or are these going to make the entire survey meaningless? Demanding answers to "mandatory" questions is bad form in the first place IMHO: this is a voluntary project and participation in the survey is voluntary. With this in mind we have no business demanding answers from a user who chooses not to answer a particular question. CrispMuncher 22:09, 27 October 2009 (UTC)Reply