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Parul's Notes

  • grants for non-profit organizations, project + special knowledge management
  • online marketing. more of a bystander in crowdsourcing.
  • has edited - nobel prize winners - bill o'reilly.
  • "i don't think i have very much to say" if i was very knowledgeable on some subject. and having the time for it.
  • "little wiki language"
  • i would rather use the pop out - less overwhelming. very overwhelming - esp for people that aren't familiar with this kind of thing.
  • i like the two different ways for people to get into it. wiki text or whatever. it's not clear what these two things mean.
  • assuming i can edit here
  • intuitive understanding.
  • i'm one of wikipedia's biggest fans.....even though there is the crazy corruption going on.
  • hesitant to do it so we don't have the need.

Group Notes

More of a consumer of info than a contributor for ugc stuff (e.g., amazon, yelp)

Task: add link Used double brackets Added kevin thompson knows that red = no article, and her expectation is that "Kevin Thompson" would be in red She doesn't want the link to go to a disambiguation page

tried to paste wikipedia url into link dialog when creating an internal link

Motivated and finds relevant text

Very error-tolerant