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Hannes' notes

About the Test itself

  • Start with a more simple task
  • When the "leave-Edit warning message" appears: let her read! Don't say "it's ok, we don't need that".
  • Why do we ask to create a new page? I think this can be left out, since we didn't improve anything on that process.

Usability Notes about Denise

  • She did not find the edit-tab and searched left nav for it
  • In the editor: had a big problem scrolling down, was confused by douple scrollbar? (browser + edit-window)
  • clicked portal in left nav. left nav in general seems to take lots of her attention
his confused her. she had to be guided back.
  • doesn't find preview (did not scoll down, because of her scrolling-problem)
  • Sean helped: from now on she always finds the preview.


  • recognizes the reference icon immediatly. Is confused wheather she should click it. "no that just shows me..", "not sure", "this might take me to a reference" (not insert)
  • recognizes inserlink icon immediatly
  • Insert Link Dialog: wants to insert the whole URL of the LA Wiki Page
  • Inserts bold several times (so there are many marks)


  • finds save-button fast
  • want to use preview and save it afterwards
  • doesn't see/use Edit Summary and minor-Edit
  • when she leave the editor without saving she didn't read the warning-message (Sean told her not to care about it)

Insert Table

  • recognizes table icon immediatly
  • uses the dialog without problems
  • not confused/ intimidated by the code that gets inserted
  • messed up the code a bit without noticing (which evokes an display error of the table)
  • previews --> see the error --> wants to go back to correct her error --> click edit --> confused, got lost, (also lost her data), because she is not in her section and her edits are gone


  • searches the template box (in read mode) for a section-edit link
  • doesn't recognize the capsule "infobox settlement" as the San Francisco Infobox
  • uses form-popup pretty well
  • seaches for population
  • thinks "population...footnotes" is what she s looking for. --> confused, unclear about the variables names