Usability, Experience, and Progress Study/Notes/Cheryle

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Parul's Notes

  • current events - news buff
  • festivals in alameda
  • section edit - arts and culture section "i believe it's formatting - i'm not sure if
  • can do lots of things - would expect it to be "ok this is what you can do". survey - that's it you can't do anything more
  • this was a lot easier than i expected.
  • "websites don't have common sense, but programmers do"
  • should say "would you like to contribute" would you like to edit.
  • harder - in advanced tab so i would expect it to be.
  • would be easier if you had the table and didn't have to do the programming
  • if i would have looked at the other one...perhaps, i don't know, i could have went to help