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Nimish's and Hannes's Notes

  • Clerk, occasional posting on review sites

Publish dialog

  • used edit summary and appreciated it

  • Found help page but not think to use the dialog (generational thing? same behavior yesterday)
  • REF tag: highlighted the text he wanted to reference, then clicked 'ref' button, once he worked out how the link dialog did this, assumed same functionality
  • READ tab intuitive, to "exit editing"

  • Performance is SUPER slow with large pages

  • Confused with 'bold' for section heading (also saw this confusion yesterday)
  • Searched though the available icons, did not click Advanced immediatly
  • ("advanced" miss naming?)
  • when he clicked he found "headings" pretty fast and used it right


  • understood intuitivly
  • "makes it a lot easier"

External Link

  • searches left nav
  • "isn t here add a link or something?"
  • searches for help at a help-page
  • guide: "take alook at the top"
  • --> finds toolbar, clicks on "help" finds external link
  • wants to click the help examples !!!! (which would really make sense )
  • finds link-icon accidently

Uses Preview Tab

  • wanted to go "back to edit" while he was at the preview
  • got the warning message --> so he knows that he is still in the editor

Infobox interactions

  • Scrolled around through the transcluded templates (we should shrink those down)
  • Expected down arrow to indicate 'this expands down'
  • Caspsule doesn t attract him
  • only found with guidance
  • --> clicked on text: form popup
  • now, he performed the edit task quickly


  • While beeing at the preview and wants to go back to the editor to do more editing:
  • "Publish this or else I'll lose it"

  • accidently removed a "!", while adding header text and the first "|"
  • "screwed it up" and gave up

Create a new Page

  • first searched for a help page
  • than tried to search for a page (he had in mind), which doesn t exist, than created it.
  • "that's pretty easy"


  • "the interaction ispretty straight forward"
  • "easy"