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This page represents a wishlist of toolbar icons for the new vector toolbar. Feel free to add your favorite icons and drop a comment on the discussion page.

Formatting Bundle

Button hr.png horizontal line

Strike Button strike.png strike

Button underline.png underline

Insert block quote Button blockquote.png blockquote

Ref-button-bg.png reference footer

  • appendices sections

Button Anführung.png German Anführungsstriche (German quotation marks)

Button center.png centered paragraph

Button definition list.png definition list

Button nbsp.png non-breaking space

Button pre.png Pre formatted text

Button code.png Insert Code

Math Bundle

Button math.png math

Wiki Bundle

Insert hidden comment Button comment.png hidden comment

Read only mode locked, read only

Button category plus.png Button category03.png Button category link.png Button category.png add category

Button P template.png Button template.gif Button templatelink.png insert template

Button copy vio plagio.png Copyright

Button see also.png See also

Button sub link.png Link to a sub page

common use template

Common use template from Wikimedia Commons:


Button support.png support

Button partial support.png partial support

Button oppose.png oppose

Button neutral.png neutral

Button delete.png delete

Button keep.png keep

Button comment vote.png comment vote

Button opinion.png opinion

Button question2.png question 2

Button wait.png wait

Button comment.png comment

Button check.png check

Button fait.png fait

Button question.png question 1

Button aviso.png aviso

Button aviso borrado.png aviso burrado

Button done.png done

Button not done.png not done

Warn and Ban

Deletewarn1.png delete warn 1

Deletewarn2.png delete warn 2

Deletewarn3.png delete warn 3

Deletewarn4.png delete warn 4

Spam1.png Spam 1

Spam2.png Spam 2

Spam3.png Spam 3

Spam4.png Spam 4

Testwarn1.png testwarn 1

Testwarn2.png testwarn 2

Testwarn3.png testwarn 3

Testwarn4.png testwarn 4

Warn1.png warn 1

Warn2.png warn 2

Warn3.png warn 3

Warn4.png warn 4

Warncreate1.png warncreate 1

Warncreate2.png warncreate 2

Warncreate3.png warncreate 3

Warncreate4.png warncreate 4