Beta Feedback Survey/What Users Liked

From Wikimedia Usability Initiative

What users liked (enwiki):

  • Overall positive:
    • Beta is great, nuff said! :)
    • Liked almost everything. Disliked nothing
    • Between this and Google Chrome I can pretend that I'm not even running Vista.
  • Look/feel:
    • A much cleaner, more open or spacious feel.
    • I loved it! The look is clean.
    • Love the design.
    • It looks pretty slick.
    • The interface is cleaner and much easier to navigate.
    • I like the format; it is clean, concise, and easy to use once I got used to the differences
  • Toolbar/editing experience:
    • The expandable toolbar seems to be good.
    • I liked the new editing. It seems to be a good combination of not cluttering things up, not making it totally WYSYWIG (which I think also would be bad) and providing enhanced access to more features.
    • I like the cleaner look. New edit toolbar. Overall a BIG success.
  • Search box location:
    • I like the search box at the top
    • Good: A good place to put the search box.
  • Navigation:
    • I like the grouping of the page/discussion tabs away from the others

Some didn’t feel changes were enough (enwiki):

  • I don't see that it offers anything on top of the old system.
  • Other than below, not noticed any problems nor have I noticed anything fantastically brilliant, but then I haven't experiment with it: I have used it as normal as possible to provide a fair comparison.
  • I don't yet understand what is different from the normal version.
  • I thought the Beta was pretty much the same. The editing page was nicer but the old style graphics were better. This feels too glossy, the other had a more gritty feel.