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Latest Design
Older Design


  • Reduce the confusion factor that infoboxes and templates have on new users.
  • Provide access to article contents that doesn't require navigating through large volumes of template text.
  • Provide an editing interface for template information, contents, and fields that is suitable for advanced and new editors.


  • Collapse templates within the editor to allow easier access to an articles contents.
  • Maintain current method of editing templates (by expansion) while also introducing an easier method for templates that can afford such an interface (by GUI, dialog).
  • Create new apis for template authors to be able to control how their template editing interface works.

Left Navigation

LeftNav lines.pdf


  • Learn how the left navigation is used quantitatively.
  • Use this information to simplify and reorganize the left navigation bar.


  • Nimish's click tracking data is available [here | here]
  • Make highest used links always visible
  • Categorize and collapse less frequently visited links.

Babaco Fixes

Colors (W3C)

Closed Tabs

Simple Search


Dialog Ref.jpg
Dialog File.jpg
Dialog IGallery.jpg

Publish/Cancel Button Styling

Below the Editor

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Vacuuming old.pdf


  • Clean up all of the stuff below the editor that everyone has hard time with.
  • Make user flow more explicit


  • Organize and group links, messages intuitively
  • Consolidate redundant links, messages
  • Remove duplicate links and messages where applicable
  • Collapse information that is advanced and visually overhelming
  • Repeat "Publish" and "Cancel" buttons on the top and bottom of the editor.
  • Give greater emphasis to the "Publish" button
  • See Also: Side by Side Preview