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This page tries to help and offer tips to the user that employs a smartphone and other mobile devices in Wikipedia.


Mobile devices have a narrow viewport, compared with a computer.

If you are a registered user, you go to "my preferences" to make reading more easy. In appearence, you can select Chick or Myskin (MonoBook is the default non-mobile devices) and also mark "enable jump to accessibility links". You cannot use yet a skin that includes views, personal tool and search in the page top.

In gadgets, you can mark "focus the cursor in the search bar on loading the Main Page".


In some mobile devices carriage return does not properly work. To avoid this, you can use a tip: click in the "insert headline" button in the edit toolbar, a carriage return and "== Headline text ==" are included. Delete the text and conserve the carriage return.

Sometimes, and specially when the page is long, some sections can disappear after editing and the article can be cut. To avoid it, go to My Preferences and mark in Gadgets "Add an edit link to the lead section of the page". Then, only edit the section that you want to modify.

Also facilitates the edition mark "Move edit link next to the section headers", because of the narrow viewport in the mobile devices.

To include links to categories, articles, templates, external pages and so on, you can select "wikimarkup" instead of "insert".

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