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This page is used by the team to note down ideas & things to remember later. Please do not use it as a general brainstorming page.

  • Multimedia:Permission review workflow
  • easy transfer from any Wikimedia / $wgForeignFileRepos-enabled MediaWiki wiki to Commons
  • transparent upload from any Wikimedia / $wgForeignFileRepos-enabled MediaWiki wiki to Commons
    • => must deal with the "watchlist issue"
  • red / page background color flag for possible copyright violations
  • Configurable settings for wikis with an EDP; most usual cases; auto-resize if resolution is too high
  • view stats inc. geo information (to see if the audience is local or not)
  • drag-and-drop from the desktop to the browser

January 2011 brainstorming

  • Enable cross-origin request sharing to Apache config for upload.wikimedia.org -- this enables browser-based editing and other forms of reuse. Since upload.wikimedia.org holds no user secrets this is safe.
  • When temp uploading stable and lasts for days/weeks, then allow bulk uploads with FTP, etc.
    • temporary duration of files set by configuration or policy
  • Licenses in the database.
  • Searchable by license / license characteristics
  • What does Toolserver do -- these are candidates for making into "real" features
    • We don't really know everything that's on the Toolserver does -- survey, inventory, somehow?
  • See stats about how many times image viewed / full size download / trackback for used?
  • Queue of articles that need images or illustrations
    • Failed example -- JIRA with Greenspun project
    • Successful example -- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Graphic_lab ? Move this to Commons? (Kaldari-- this is successful because it's a shared community).
    • Successful example -- reward board
    • Successful example -- WikiCup
  • Way to regenerate all thumbnails
    • Possible to do this by storing relationship between an image and all derivative transformations, then expiring the first
  • Brainstorm**2 about ways to involve community better
    • Fame: Blogposts about contributors (e.g. Bryan Tong Minh)