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Edit location

Widget allowing to add/modify/remove geographical information using OpenStreetMap

Annotations tool

Tool to annotate pictures

  • review the existing annotation tool, see if it's scalable, it import/export is possible/easy, if it can be improved, etc.
  • integrate a way to tag people? places? things?
  • make it work with other view sizes

Image editing tools

Basic image editing tools:

  • lossless crop
  • lossless rotate
  • preserve metadata
  • add possibility to save the resulting image with another name (not really necessary for rotate, but probably needed for crops)

Related bugs:

Video editing tools

See Michael Dale's work, including subtitling

To sort

Related bugs:

SVG editing

Related bugs:

  • bugzilla:5899: Allow on-wiki editing of SVG images
  • bugzilla:16052: Support for multilingual SVGs
    When we do this, add a way to merge existing SVGs so that users can easily turn them into a single multilingual file.