Multimedia:Ethnographic interviews/Kropotkine

From Wikimedia Usability Initiative
  • Man in his thirties
  • Main focus: moving pictures from other projects to Commons
  • goal when contributing: to illustrate Wikipedia articles

Upload workflow

  • watches a lot of articles related to Physics
  • when he finds an article without a picture, he browses the interwiki links (primarily en.wikipedia) to see if pictures are available in other language versions of the same topic.
  • moves the file using CommonsHelper (and his TUSC account)
  • doesn't do a lot of checking except for the license; often keeps the automatically-generated description & categories
  • then adds the "now commons" template on the original file page.

Other facts

  • rarely uses the built-in search engine, except for proper nouns
  • rarely uploads self-created works
  • doesn't spend a lot of time on Commons
  • as an OTRS volunteer, he prefers to stick to text permissions, because he finds media-related permissions too complicated.