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Below are the tentative main points to be covered by the licensing tutorial. We have to focus on the main points and stay at a very high level.

The order isn't final, nor is the content. Suggestions are welcome.

  1. Default = can't do. By default, everything is copyrighted/protected/unfree and you can't upload it;
    • no one can use it or do anything with it
    • ex: random picture on the Internet
  2. free work = explicit choice / release by the creator
    • own work = your choice
    • not own work = explicit release / permission
  3. Derivative works
    • of unfree works: stay unfree
    • of free works: can stay free
  4. Public domain (for most obvious cases, e.g. creator died more than 100 years ago)
  5. Attribution: The name of the creator stays perpetually attached to their work (if they choose so)
  6. Freedoms associated with a free license
    • freedom to use for any purpose
    • freedom to modify and build on
    • freedom to redistribute the work & modified work
  7. Free licenses = good
    • facilitate reuse
    • encourage dissemination
    • example: WP content
  8. This is important. We take this stuff seriously, not like many other websites where it's often considered "optional" by users.