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Multimedia:Licensing tutorial/Phase 1 feedback

From Wikimedia Usability Initiative
Main questions
  • Does the tutorial convey all the important messages we want to fit in this limited space?
  • Does the character add value?
  • Are there mistakes?
  • Are the graphics appropriate?
  • Should the wording be changed?

General comments

  • People who commented generally liked the concepts and execution.
  • On the web, ALL CAPS are usually associated with SCREAMING and don't work as well as in print; they should be used sparingly.
  • The reading flow is a bit unclear (where to start, how to navigate (zigzag, per column; how will that work on a screen?)). Also, the phase 1 designs were a bit intimidating because they presented both the "good" and the "bad" from the beginning.
  • The OK/NOT OK or COOL/UNCOOL approach feels very rule-based. It was suggested to adopt a more engaging approach such as "please share" vs. "please don't share" or "we can't accept".


  • An overwhelming majority preferred the artwork with the character, because it gave it more personality and was easier to relate to.
  • However, many people also expressed they didn't really like the current character. It was referred to as "basketball head", "volleyball head" and "Pan-Am logo head".
  • The character's hat seemed to imply it was male, which some people didn't like. Some others proposed that the character be female. Possible options include a puzzle-piece character, a W character or a camera head character. The character should relate in some way to Wikimedia, Wikimedia Commons and/or its mission.

Content and wording

  • Column 2, frame 4: "Photographs of art and statues" are "ok" to upload if they were taken by the uploader, and if the original art/statue etc. was in the public domain. For example, it's ok to upload pictures of the Venus de Milo, but not pictures of Pablo Picasso's paintings. One way to improve this would be to say "photographs of recently created art, statues, buildings".
  • "Freely-licensed works" and "media licensed under "non commercial only" license" is too complicated. We can try to avoid this language by explaining the concept instead.
  • The header should be more inviting. It's better to avoid explicitly labeling the artwork as a "licensing tutorial". Some people suggested something like "Thank you for contributing to Wikimedia Commons", maybe accompanied with a drawing of people gathering images/musical notes/film. We may not have enough space for that, and it may be too complicated.
  • The double hyphens should be replaced with an em dash or spaced en dash.
  • In the list of covers, screenshots: add "promotional photos"
  • Remove the "legally / illegal" vocabulary
  • At the end of the page, we should add a footer that says "still unsure? Ask on the Help desk" and link to that page (either directly


  • The "public domain" metaphor isn't obvious. It was suggested to use an old painting such as a simplified Mona Lisa instead.