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Related bugs:

  • bugzilla:14171: Allow Special:FileDuplicateSearch to match against previously deleted images
  • bugzilla:2606: Should be possible to delete an image description page without deleting the image
    Related to RevDelete / single-revision delete
  • bugzilla:1710: Ability to watch all articles in a category
  • bugzilla:9501: List/indication of unpatrolled uploaded media files
  • bugzilla:14417: Generate upload log entry when duplicate file uploaded
  • bugzilla:2586: Allow deleting the most recent version of an image
  • bugzilla:12874: batch deletion for file histories
  • bugzilla:14148: Render file links in the dupe files list like links from wikitext
  • bugzilla:14446: Image with missing versions behave oddly
  • bugzilla:14901: Email notification mistakes edit for new page creation
  • bugzilla:17370: Viewing metadata for deleted files and old revisions


  • report a problem
  • nominate for deletion (should these two be merged?)
  • promotion
  • review on upload
  • topic-specific notifications (e.g. sort of topical watchlist of images nominated for promotion/deletion or uploaded)