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Guillaume Paumier, Neil Kandalgaonkar, Erik Möller, Howie Fung
  • interwiki upload: nice to have, deferred for now (too many collateral complications)
  • cross-browser compatibility: ~2 weeks
  • upload cases:*
    • OTRS e-mail magic ~2 weeks
    • other cases (paintings, free software screenshots, etc.): nice to have, deferred for now
  • Incomplete uploads: abandoned for now; may not be the right answer for the issue. Replaced by: resumability of "incomplete" uploads within a given amount of time, deleted when expired + polishing of the upload wizard (categories, etc.) to add more nets to catch errors
  • deployability: code review: Mark H. + Tim; check with Danese for resource allocation
  • filetypes compatibility: not actually an issue
  • upload by URL (e.g. directly from flickr etc.): deferred for now, being taken care of by Add-media-wizard