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Metadata extraction

Related bugs:

  • bugzilla::657: Pull copyright metadata from files on upload
  • bugzilla::16956: Show IPTC metadata on image description page
  • bugzilla:20326: Option to strip some metadata on upload (GPS/geolocation privacy)
  • bugzilla:12649: Show metadata information from SVGs on file description page
  • bugzilla:17370: Viewing metadata for deleted files and old revisions
    See if we still store metadata of deleted files and old revisions

Metadata computation & internal use

Structured data

Related bugs:

  • bugzilla:8298: Access information from a file description page where the file is used

Metadata search

Metadata export

Export formats:

  • in files on download, including downsized versions
  • queryable via the API?
  • other standard format (see w/ Liam)

Related bugs:

  • bugzilla::3361: Image author, description, and copyright data saved in EXIF fields
  • bugzilla:9666: External link syntax which adds rel="license"

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