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Multimedia:Stakeholder analysis

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"A stakeholder is any person or organization, who can be positively or negatively impacted by, or cause an impact on the actions of a company, government, or organization." (source)

List of stakeholders

  • regular Commons participants
  • active wikimedians who don't participate a lot or at all to Commons
  • professional photographers & artists
  • OTRS volunteers
  • people who use Commons but don't participate (yet)
  • MediaWiki developers
  • operations/infrastructure team
  • GLAMs
  • chapters
  • ...

Criteria for analysis

  • Interest(s) in the project and impact of the project on their goals
    • Potential benefits
    • Changes required
    • Disruption caused
  • Assessment of impact/power on the project
  • Assessment of interest in the project
  • Assessment of adaptability
  • Potential strategies for obtaining support or reducing obstacles
  • ...