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  • bugzilla:4421: Image file extension should not be part of the name
  • bugzilla:6579: Allowing protecting files without protecting image pages
  • bugzilla:19915: <audio> controls size too big
  • bugzilla:5614: :Integrate an applet to allow viewing of panoramic images, large maps (gigapan / ptviewer)
  • bugzilla:893: Easier image syntax handling
  • bugzilla:2443: Image alt text should be compulsory
  • bugzilla:5416: Please set the "title" property for the image on an image description page
  • bugzilla:7003: Allow percentage values for thumbnail sizes relative to default thumbnail width
  • bugzilla:7866: Allow downloading multiple image files in a compressed archive
    Probably something for the toolserver folks
  • bugzilla:10151: Bad image list doesn't strip image parameters from link
  • bugzilla:10587: enable caption for "border" and "frameless" mode
  • bugzilla:11239: Image captions ending with external links display inconsistently
  • bugzilla:8298: Access information from a file description page where the file is used
  • bugzilla:13214: <gallery> shouldn't rescale small bitmap images
  • bugzilla:13650: decimal fractions in image sizes are parsed incorrectly
  • bugzilla:15464: Feature: missing gallery image names become upload links
  • bugzilla:16409: New "link=" parameter in [[Image: - cannot link to Media:
  • bugzilla:16457: Allow images in galleries to have their own borders
  • bugzilla:17398: Allow Image link= parameter when using thumb or frame
  • bugzilla:17685: Gallery: No Image prefix needed? (not working)
  • bugzilla:18682: Can't provide alt text for files in <gallery>
  • bugzilla:19906: Provide a method to allow alternate text for images to be provided at the file description page
  • bugzilla:20712: Anchor tag surrounding a thumbnail's img tag no longer has a title attribute.
  • bugzilla:21981: Auto file name/label feature for <gallery>
  • Sometimes the caption is much more detailed than the description on the file description page (example: Fault-tolerant system). Yet when the user clicks the file to see a larger size, they see the file description page's text, and not the caption with the context of the article. We have to find a better way to handle this (also related: caption / description / alt text).


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File description page

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  • bugzilla:3498: Image history is confusing
    • bugzilla:10863: Links on commons upload summaries do not link to commons
  • bugzilla:4588: Group pages by templates in list of file links on Image page
  • bugzilla:11243: Show images on image description page previews
  • bugzilla:12649: Show metadata information from SVGs on file description page
  • bugzilla:15155: Large images preview and navigation (enhancement)
  • bugzilla:16081: Add widescreen resolutions to Image size limits for file description pages
  • bugzilla:16677: Media: view URLs should HTTP-redirect to canonical File: namespace
  • bugzilla:16956: Show IPTC metadata on image description page
  • bugzilla:17259: Image redirect records duplicate link information in redirects and imagelinks tables
  • bugzilla:17370: Viewing metadata for deleted files and old revisions
  • bugzilla:17474: Image pages contain same named links, but to different items
  • bugzilla:18017: Image page should list places that image redirects are used
  • bugzilla:18107: Old revisions of file pages should have old versions of files/images as the primary image.
  • bugzilla:20647: Allow way to choose thumbnail frame for video on its File: description page

Size selector

Allow viewing ang downloading at various sizes

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Visual warnings

for files suspected to infringe a copyright, etc.

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  • bugzilla:9616: Automatic image watermarking
  • bugzilla:8298: New "magic word" to assign an arbitrary CSS class to an image from the image description page

View map

Widget to see on a map where the media file was recorded, and possibly other geocoded files nearby


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Reuse from other CMSes

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  • bugzilla:18133 WordPress plugin for picking media out of Wikimedia sites