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Feeback, April 20

  • Uploaded two identical gif files, but there was no warning message.
  • Grey-out effect in Step 2 covered only the second file, and no user flow for the second file was provided
  • Step 2 allows users to select Public Domains and CC-BY-SA at the same time.
  • "Update descriptions" does not take a user to Step 3

Tested here ->

--Shuhari 00:00, 21 April 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]


Not critical issues to fix eventually

Step 1

  • Full width for text
  • file fields
    • longer (to see the full name if possible)
    • when hovering the mouse:
      • color background rather than blue frame
      • tooltip: "Change selected file"
  • more visible × to remove files
  • enumeration for the list of files
  • Cursor on links (little hand)
  • Uploading: time estimate doesn't seem to work (is at 100% and 0s remaining all the time)

Step 2

  • Language of the description + text in the description field look small.
  • If the user deletes the only description field, it should empty the description field and restore the default language, rather than deleting the field altogether (otherwise it suggests the description is optional). (Feedback should be added to explain this in a side bubble as we discussed).

(tbc) guillom 15:11, 22 April 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Hallway testing 21 May 2010


  • Step 1: Pressed "Next" before "Upload"
  • Leaned forward to read the text in help bubbles (font size too small)


  • "New message" notification added on sign-up
  • End of the "plain English" license description was confusing ("the same terms")
  • Doesn't know the differences between the multiple licenses offered; would like to have plain English descriptions for all of them in order to be able to compare them
  • Too many exit points on Step 4, and at the same time the one she was looking for was not obvious. Would expect something like "view my photos", a gallery of her files (like Multimedia:User gallery)

Observation: Anya explores interfaces, wants to know what all her options are. Will always click on something marked "More options", or "Advanced options", just to check it out.


  • Didn't realize she could upload multiple files at once. Would like to be able to select them all, instead of one by one
  • Added a description in English, then tried to add a description in Hindi. Typed "h" to jump to Hindi, but couldn't find it in the list. Was confused because she could see "Fidji Hindi" higher in the list. Upon suggestion of Neil, scrolled down to the end of the list, where non-latin alphabets get pushed out. Eventually found Hindi there, in Hindi script (was confused because "Fidji Hindi was in Latin script). Then, when trying to actually add the description in Hindi, didn't know how to input Hindi characters, was expecting a virtual keyboard of some sort.
  • Very briefly went over Step 2. With her knowledge of Wikipedia and free licenses, immediately identified it was the "I release rights" stuff, and checked the box without reading very carefully. Appreciated she had to check the box and it wasn't checked by default. The second time, didn't read anything, just checked and clicked "Next".
  • Was expecting more explicit indication things were "Finished" on Step 4.
  • Same as Anya: "Where did my stuff go" issue. Are the pictures on my userpage?
  • When she saw "upload more files", thought it was the only way to upload several files at once
  • Would like to be able to select all the files, provide all the titles/descriptions, then upload and be done with it.

Observation: Aradhana tries to get through interfaces quickly based on her past experience. She is the kind of user who will immediately click "YES" to any interstitial warning or explanation. Will NOT click on anything marked "more options", is instead looking for the quickest route to "NEXT".

Group discussion

  • Users' model is to assume they are uploading into their own private space. Common question: where are "my" photos? Expect that final page should be "their" gallery of images. We can give them an equivalent page of their contributions (as planned)
  • Users who want to explore would like to understand the differences between licenses. Was not obvious that the "less options" page is exactly equivalent to picking CC-BY-3.0. Need to clarify relationship between "More options" and the "pick a license" page.
  • Users should have preferred languages for descriptions, just like preferred licenses
  • Show spinner while Step 1 loads
  • Upload page: How to get there? Ask Hay if he's like to create a new main page and add it to the prototype for the UX study
  • Make it explicit that links on Step 4 are opening in another window, so people don't fear losing access to the page
  • For the study: tell participants the goal of the sessions is to upload 2 or 3 files, and let them figure out if they have to do it one by one, or if they can do all of them at once
  • Much discussion about how to allow users to choose languages quickly and intuitively, without inordinately privileging some languages. See Multimedia:Language selector.

Action steps

  • Address the "Next" issue (hide? grey out/disable? add visual clue + color ?)
  • Refine messaging of "plain English" license description; see if it makes sense to generalize it for other (all?) licenses
  • Address the "Where did my stuff go?" issue on Step 4
  • Reach out to Hay to create new main page for the prototype
  • Create basic specs & sketches for Language selector

TODO moved to Multimedia:Upload wizard/Tech notes

Deed and license selection

During the hallway testing we saw the deed & license selector could still be improved. Neil replaced the links by radio buttons, but it hasn't been deployed to the prototype yet.

Step 2 of the Upload wizard, as it was on May 21, 2010 - Deed & license selection

The problems are:

  • The user has to check a box for the deed, then check other boxes for the licenses, if they don't use the default.
  • The default license isn't explicitly labeled as "preferred".
  • Parts of the "plain English" explanation aren't clear enough
  • The plain English description of the license is only provided for the default license; we assumed the other licenses would only be of interest for experienced users, who knew what they meant. But some new users want to explore their choices and understand the differences between licenses.
  • The difference of presentation between the default license and the other licenses don't make it clear that they are representing the same thing.

The proposed alternative to solve those issues is the following:

 Proposed alternative for the deed & license selection


  • We add a check box for the default license; that way, the user doesn't have to check a box for the deed, they only have to check it for the license, and all licenses behave (almost) the same way.
  • The default license is explicitly labeled as "preferred".
  • The deed is in plain English, remains very general and not attached to a specific license.
  • Instead, every license will contain a plain-English description; if they aren't already, they should be crowd-sourced and added to the WikimediaMessages extension, and translated on
  • The default license now looks similar to the other alternatives.
  • We can still display the full list of accepted licenses, probably in an overlay.
  • We should check the wording of the deed with Mike.

guillom 19:39, 28 May 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]

From the UX study

Quick fixes before the remote study

  • Step 2: replace « the copyright holder of this work, hereby grant anyone the right to use this work for any purpose, as long as they credit me and share derivative work under the same terms. » by « , the copyright holder of this work, hereby irrevocably grant anyone the right to use this work for any purpose, as long as they credit me and share derivative work under the same terms. » (we'll refine that when we switch to the new deed selector)
  • Step 2: Remove "Set a license for the above file:" (the choice offered is a question about who the author is, and isn't a license per se)
  • Step 3: fix validation of the title field
  • Step 4: make code snippets non-editable
  • Step 4: Change first code snippet to [[File:filename.ext|thumb|Add caption here]]
  • Step 4: Replace « To link to it in HTML, copy this HTML code: » by « To link to it in HTML, copy this URL address: » or something (it's not really HTML code like if we were providing <img src= etc.>). Or perhaps just remove the second code snippet altogether, and only keep the wiki code.

Other fixes for later

  • Step 1: Users don't read the intro text. If we want them to read something, we have to find a way to attract their eye; or, we could put a pretty, inspiring picture or something
  • Step 2: Users are unlikely to read the intro text, and it isn't particularly useful anyway ("This site requires you to set a license for uploaded files, so everyone can legally reuse them for any purpose."). I'd suggest to remove it and replace it by a "Why is this needed?" link to an overlay / expandable area / help bubble that basically says the same.

guillom 21:02, 18 June 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]