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From Wikimedia Usability Initiative

The second usabilty release, Babaco, enabled features such as Navigable table-of-contents and dialogues for inserting links, creating tables, and search and replace function since end of September 2009. These features will be enhanced with updated interactive user interface and precision of jumping to sections will be greatly improved on the release scheduled in the first week of February. Read more.

Navigable Table of Contents
  • Navigable table-of-contents
A new feature in the editing interface which shows an article outline next to the textarea. This feature enables you to jump to sections of an article (e.g., the “Early Life” section of a biography) with a single click. The table of contents shows where in the article you are, making navigation while editing easier. You can resize or hide the table of contents from the textarea based on the type of editing or when the screen space is limited.

  • Dialogs
When creating links or tables, clicking the tool icon now opens a dialog box which will help you to create wiki-markup by filling out a simple form. There are several different types of dialogs.
  • Links: The new link dialog allows you to more easily create links, both links to pages within the wiki (“internal links”) as well as link to other pages on the web (“external links”). When creating links, the link suggest feature automatically suggest internal pages based on what you’ve entered.
  • Tables: The table dialog automatically generates wiki-text for tables based on a given width and height and lets you add a header row with one check of a box.
  • Search and replace: Also new in this release is the search and replace tool which enables users to search for text and replace while editing.

Language-Specific Icons
  • Language-specific icons
We’ve added some language-specific icons for Bold and Italic to make them more intuitive. For example, B and I signify Bold and Italic in English, but N and C are used in Spanish. You can read more about the language-specific text format icons here.