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Ideas list (add your own!)

  1. Syntax highlighting similar to WikiEd.[1] - Archived discussion 1 - Archived discussion 2 - SourceForge project with live demonstration
  2. Collapsible references similar to WikiEd.[2][3]
  3. Simplify edit page warnings. Mockup
  4. Template selector. Discussion and mockup
  5. "Edit saved" message. Discussion and mockup
  6. Document-sharing services such as Google Docs.
  7. Easier navigation Discussion and mockup
  8. Interwiki links. Discussion and mockup
  9. Login-area constantly available at the top (like ubuntuusers; practical for Secure Login. what dedects it automatically
  10. Nice image galleries like the Lightbox
  11. Change photo edit facility, which is easy to use
  12. Fixed positioning for Nav / Search Box - so it's always on the page as you scroll - Talk:Prototype/Archive 8#Search Box / Navigation - why not try fixed positioning?, link to my custom prototype css
  13. Leave wiki exactly as it was - it was obviously successful - why change it?
  14. How about adding a "shake" for random feature for iPhones!
  15. The cursor should already be in the search box when you access Wikipedia as well as stay in there while reading articles. This would be much more comfortable and user-friendly!
  16. Bookmark articles without adding to watch-list - for favourites and research subjects, with personal folders or tags. Essential for the heavy reader, such as myself.