Usability, Experience, and Progress Study/Notes/Angelique

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Parul's Notes

  • notices categories
  • "code"
  • the text is here, which is the most helpful thing
  • uses link box without seeing tabs. for an internal link
  • links and citations - citations are sources for where the information comes from
  • this is all subjective, seems like the things that are wildly known vs. controversial
  • if you read it, it becomes clearer - i didn't really read it before.
  • it's more convenient that it's set up that way - it's just different. it's easier to just see that you can put in one word and that it prompts you for pages that exist. but then, like i said, it's.....from other stuff i've done, i'm used to writing the whole.
  • It's not apparent to me, how to see the page without saving it. Oh no, it has show preview. oops. it says to preview it before saving.
  • Admittedly mostly because I didn't read it.
  • Once she she's the two link functions, uses them with ease - with highlighted text or to start the action.
  • tries on her own to make it formatted the same - i.e. with a bullet
  • now with a bullet! i did it!
  • once i knew how that worked, it's actually pretty easy
  • external it moves the cursor to not exactly to where you need to type. if you wanted to add a link to appear after.....which seems like the logical next place.
  • it should be a step or two to get to a page you can edit. once you're on that page, you can find your way around...but it's not organized in a way that's super easy.
  • for example - i didn't need to use the advanced stuff...didn't understand why it's advanced. wasn't an issue - hidden. if i was gonna need to do that - it's not immediately apparent.
  • links - internal link really easy to use.
  • it didn't give me errors.
  • it turned out how i was expecting it to. makes me more likely to make me want to do edits.
  • it doesn't look like you want or save - frustrating.