Usability, Experience, and Progress Study/Notes/Jack

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Parul's Notes

  • quality control
  • logs in - camera/performance
  • hits edit. now i got a page with code - this is probably too technical for me!
  • there's a toolbox (looking through left navigation)
  • gives up quickly (looking for how to make a new section)
  • editing text even while deleting...i won't mess with that
  • edits by section and looking for examples
  • playing around - trying to link to a page that doesn't exist
  • creates new page for teacher - nothing/no code - maybe he's used to seeing code
  • too lazy for help
  • explore toolbar
  • link - struggles until the icon is to the right
  • superscript
  • sees template text - goes back and forth to verify it's infobox (with poking)
  • would assume that header section would be in the code first
  • trial and error - superscript
  • comfortable with captcha - like on craigslist
  • table generation!
  • highlights text for references - expects highlighted part to be in text body and goes to figure out how to add the "footer/ref" text
  • like a word doc. would prefer if it was like a word document
  • for a mac user this is a bit unusual