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Parul's Notes

  • writer/blogger - smoothie company unemployed. writing a novel of my own - historical romance.
  • going to school - studying art, junior college
  • learn by example - take a look at the hypertext above.
  • copying external link from one above - has not use (or seen?) the toolbar
  • proofread in edit box - no immediate preview
  • changing his written text to work within the syntax for his link. easier to do that than to link?
  • see if the previous author of the article. copy + paste.
  • after being showed the toolbar, he still copies by example.
  • mimic what the coding, looking for shortcuts
  • uses cheat sheet to figure out refernce (over button). likes seeing examples?
  • cheat sheet on references - page text - look at copy!
  • at this point i don't know what it's asking me to do. i can see what it's telling me to do.
  • now it doesn't tell me what to do.
  • references - FAIL
  • that's a lot of hypertext information that makes my eyes dance all over the screen.
  • that's enough to make me say i don't know what i'm doing at this point.
  • right column/left column photos + templates + infoboxes