Accessibility issues/“From Wikipedia …” is no heading

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Short description

“From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia” is tagged as <h3>, but it does not serve as a heading. Hence, the <h> element is misused.

The bug 457 from 2004 is directly related to this issue.

Resulting problem

Headings are used for quick navigation and for list navigation by blind users. …

The list will look like this:

  • Article name 1
  • From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 3
  • References 2
  • External Links 2


Either replace the <h3> around “From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia” with a <span> or put it at another place altogether.

Another possibility is to use the HTML5 solution. <hgroup><h1>Accessibility</h1><h2>From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia</h2></hgroup>. --Mephiles602 16:49, 1 May 2010 (UTC)

Step-by-step instruction