Accessibility issues

From Wikimedia Usability Initiative

This page should contain an overview of our collected issues regarding accessibility.

Our plan:

  1. We add separate pages for each accessibility issue with a detailed description and possibly a possible patches. (Bugzilla is not the best place for doing this, because possibilities and participants are limited.).
  2. We sort or group the issues regularly and prioritize them according their impact.
  3. We then point the UX team or responsible developers to the issues in order of the chosen priority. (Then we will probably add the issues in Bugzilla to keep track of the fixes.)

Even though there are already a couple of accessibility bugs submitted to Bugzilla, they are often assigned a low importance and, thus, are never fixed.

Maybe we can have an Issue of the Week we focus on and that we discuss in the chat.

Report template

A page reporting an issue may contain the following:

  • short description
  • long description
  • documentation of failure (screenshot, speech output…)
  • links to resources from accessibility professionals, or guidelines (WCAG 2.0, WebAIM's cheklist, IITAA and their accessibility guidelines...)
  • working example: an example of similar functionality elsewhere that is accessible

Vector Issues

MediaWiki Core



  • /WAI-ARIA landmarks
  • : generate a dd list, but : are not used for definitions but for indentation of the text, dd is misused here, better to use nested or intended paragraphs (bug 4521)


  • all navigation headings are level 5 for no good reason (bug 457)
  • [edit] should not be part of any h (see screenshot for effect on list of links) (bug 1629)


  • firstHeading labelfor editing field (editform)

Keyboard interaction

  • Expand button [+] inserted by CategoryTree extension is inaccessible with keyboard.

Other / unsorted

  • (bug 23595) Suggest window expands outside the screen, it should have fixed right position and expand to the left, reported by Danny B.
  • (bug 24544) Completely inaccessible watchlist tab

MediaWiki Extensions

Upload tool

  • buttons for interaction, not links

Success stories

All accessibility related patches to MediaWiki

Fixed problems we reported.