Best practices

From Wikimedia Usability Initiative

The proposals for best practices are not rated yet, so they are by no means official recommendations by us. We will first collect proposals and discuss them.

  • Let people generate accessible content without knowing about it. That means: accessible templates, accessible tables generated from the toolbar’s dialog etc.
  • Enforce accessibility. Many people do not care about accessibility unless it’s somehow enforced, either by law, rules, or other kind of agreements. Otherwise they commonly behave like: “Look that article also has blue on blue text, why can’t mine have it so?”
  • List common accessibility sins. Name them, and explain why they are sins. Also provide common ways how to fix them. It do is some kind of propaganda. People need to hear and see everywhere that blue on blue is evil.

proposal by WereSpielChequers on Wikimania: make accessibility criterion for Featured Articles, not by adding them to criteria list but by participating in the commenting on/voting of the nominated articles