Environment Survey

From Wikimedia Usability Initiative

The objective of our Environment Survey is to learn about what work has already been done in the area of improving the usability of MediaWiki and other similar software platforms. We hope to use this knowledge in compliment with the results of formal usability testing to develop effective solutions.

We will be looking at existing approaches to enhancing usability through existing MediaWiki software such as extensions and skins as well as identifying interesting features in other wiki software.


To help in locating solutions which are of interest to this project, we invite anyone to nominate existing solutions for analysis and consideration. Please understand that the ratings on these pages are of interest to us, but should not be seen as a contest. Also, any features, designs or actual code that any of these nominations provide which we find useful to our project and are under a free license may be looked at for use in future solutions, however we are not necessarily looking at these nominations as drop-in solutions.


In an effort to capture the technical and qualitative differences between solutions, we have developed a criteria by which each solution is evaluated against.


Although our results are considered internal documents, we want to let everyone see the progress we are making, and invite them to discuss the content of the survey on the appropriate discussion pages.