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Multimedia:Crosswiki integration

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Unified watchlist

A way to integrate the watchlist on Commons to a watchlist on another wiki. Or a list of any watchlists.

  • Via RSS feeds entered manually by the user
  • Via special page with checkboxes (include a select/unselect all).
  • Reasons: A fair amount of Wikimedia users don't want to upload files to Commons because it requires them to have a separate watchlist. Another fair amount of users complain that they aren't properly notified when they get messages about their files on their talk page on Commons.

Special page for global settings

Could be used for global preferences in the end, but would first be used for global watchlist. Allow some sort of sorting with JS magic; possible keys:

  • number of edits on the wiki
  • project (all wikipedias together, then sorted alphabetically by language)
  • language (same)

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Cross-wiki file move & copy

Facilitate one-click file moves from any Wikimedia wiki

  • and one-click file move from Commons to any Wikimedia wiki (e.g. for unfree content that was uploaded to Commons but has to be moved to a local wiki with the relevant EDP)
  • and one-click file copy from any Wikimedia wiki to any Wikimedia wiki (e.g. for unfree content available on a wiki with the appropriate EDP, and that has to be copied to another wiki with a similarly appropriate EDP).
  • later: add move from any MediaWiki website / CMS to Commons
  • to keep in mind: watchlist

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Global usage tracking

for any Wikimedia wiki

  • later: add usage from any MediaWiki website with InstantCommons enabled

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  • bugzilla:1394: "File links" on the image pages should list links from other wikis
    • Marked as fixed, but polishing is needed
  • bugzilla:6220: Shared repositories support for Special:WantedFiles

Mirrorred file description page

Deal with it; remove it? improve it? Just do something

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