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This is a Draft

Although this document may have useful content, it should not be considered final. Please take this into consideration when discussing this page.

This page discusses a generic workflow system that could serve as a possible implementation of the Multimedia:Incomplete uploads.

Workflows we've identified on Wikimedia projects are basically of three types:

  • issues that needs to be resolved
  • tasks that should be done
  • community processes.

We use the word "ticket" to refer to any of these types.

Issue management

Applicable workflows
  • Incomplete uploads (only for user-specific view)
  • Copyright issues (including obvious and suspected copyright violations)
  • Inappropriate personally identifiable information (not a priority at the moment; maybe at some point an integrated system can be used to replace OTRS / mailing lists requests)
  • Offensive content, nonsense
  • Factual error
  • Typography, grammar, spelling, conjugation

deletion & maintenance

  • speedy deletion : common reasons and/or custom message
  • RfD: same, longer rationale


Applicable workflows
  • tasks, todo lists ; assignment of tasks
  • patrol of new pages (and new edits?)
  • tasks: target date
  • edit protected page
  • double redirects
  • links to disambiguation pages
  • etc.


Applicable workflows
  • content promotion (FP, QI; VP)
  • OTRS confirmation

Commonalities & Interface


  • rationale
  • discussions
  • link(s) to the page, preview of the file
  • list / queue of items
  • notification of the uploader / the creator of the page / people who edited the page the most / people watching the page
  • expiry date / deadline; possibility to extend / renew
  • batch actions?


  • add / remove a template
  • change a template's parameter
  • add / remove a category
  • change visibility settings
  • send e-mail / e-mail reminder

List / queue:

  • aggregation of different Flows
  • filtering (default options & customizability)
  • sorting, filtering; lil icons
  • blackboard of pending issues
  • static vs custom flows
  • Ticket creation
  • Actions
  • Queue / list

Raw notes from sketches

Actions (based on user rights)

  • send e-mail
  • add/remove template
  • add/remove category
  • add new message / section
  • create new LQT thred

Todo: administration interface to add more flows


  • default filters
  • ability to create custom filters based on a set of criteria; e.g. "new articles in topic X", etc.
  • Group by categories (content, links, users, categories, etc.)
  • Add new ticket type (specify family / class / group)
  • Add new group
  • Add field (type, label)


Navigation menu

  • sidebar or tabs (1 model, 2 views?)

User view

  • Special:MyIssues
  • subscribe to new tickets matching a set of criteria (e.g. new Deletion requests related to History)

Global view

  • filtering by ticket type (issue, task, process)
  • filtering by group (copyright, classification, links, etc.)
  • filtering by topic (wikiproject or more general -- Arts, Science, etc.)

Administrative interface

  • Administrative interface to create new ticket types, new groups, etc.
  • new ticket type: should it be showed by default or rather added manually?