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Multimedia:Licensing tutorial/Kick-off meeting

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Goals for the meeting

  • Review and agree on project information, time line, responsibilities, etc. (to be prepared by me in advance).
  • Review where and how the tutorial will be inserted into the interface.
  • Review the main topics to be covered by the tutorial: is it possible / desirable to include all of them?
  • Review and acknowledge general requirements (such as the need to address a globally diverse audience)
  • Answer other questions not listed here (to be prepared in advance by anyone who has questions).

Project information


  • Everyone: Hold kick-off meeting: agree on general overview, answer each other's questions
  • Michael: delivers Phase 1 draft designs (Oct. 13th)
  • Guillaume: shares Phase 1 designs with key stakeholders privately and seeks feedback, including from Jay & David (Oct. 18th)
  • Guillaume: selects a Phase 1 design (Oct. 18th)
  • Michael: delivers Phase 2 proposed set of pictures (Oct. 22nd)
  • Guillaume: shares Phase 2 designs with key stakeholders privately and seeks feedback, including from Jay & David (Oct. 26th)
  • Michael: delivers Phase 3 (final) set of pictures (Oct. 29th)
  • Meeting Nov. 1st / 2nd

Check-in once a week by phone if required

Roles and Responsibilities

(by order of expected required involvement)

Name Role Responsible for
Guillaume Paumier Product manager, WMF Overall execution of the Licensing tutorial project
Michael Bartalos Illustrator Creation of the artwork
David Peters Design director Design advice and feedback throughout the project
Neil Kandalgaonkar Software developer, WMF Integration of the artwork in the interface
Alolita Sharma Engineering programs manager, WMF Oversight of the Multimedia usability project
Jay Walsh Head of communications, WMF Overall advice and feedback throughout the project

Software and artwork integration

  • Including easy way to display a translation depending on the user's interface language (include language code in the filename?)


General requirements

For a longer version of this section, including rationales, see Multimedia:Licensing tutorial#Requirements.

The tutorial must be:

Other questions

  • colors? full color, monochrome etc?
    black and white until the final version