Multimedia:Meeting in Paris/Notes/GLAM Lifecycle

From Wikimedia Usability Initiative
  • GLAM lifecycle is more than getting media
  • A lot of chapters are doing GLAM projects. Some are done, some are running and some are still in the planning phase. Some projects we discussed (doesn't include projects still in early planning)
  • Where to do the processing of the data? Toolserver? Is it reliable?
  • How to share information among ourselves and toward glams.
  • What kind people do we need to develop relationships?
    • Local?
    • WMF central?
    • We probably need both to be flexible
  • We should look if we can get grants for this
  • If there's enough demand the WMF could probably support it
  • We have to do capacity planning for storage and human
  • Having a lot of images still need to be worked on (categorization etc) at Commons shouldn't be that big of problem. Just do some images and add them to articles to get attention.
  • More images will attract more users
  • Good examples will help chapters to also startup GLAM relations.