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Multimedia:Meeting in Paris

From Wikimedia Usability Initiative

Wikimedia France is organizing, in collaboration with the Wikimedia Foundation, a meeting in Paris related to multimedia participation on Wikimedia projects. It will take place on 6-8 November 2009.

IRC channel open during the entire meeting: #WikimediaMultimedia on <irc.freenode.net>.

Twitter hashtag: #WikimediaMultimedia

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See Category:Wikimedia Multimedia Usability Meeting 2009 on Wikimedia Commons.



  • Goals of the team: identifying major issues, exploring and assessing solutions, and coming up with a draft roadmap.
  • We have an opportunity here to accomplish much more than "just" what the Ford team is able to do.
  • Gathering of people with much experience, ideas and expertise; it would be a shame to only focus on the multimedia usability project, because we just can't address all issues.
  • Joint projects: let the community, volunteers and chapters engage in activities and projects in a larger plan.
  • Some areas of discussion (e.g. partnerships) may not fit exactly in the proposed workflow of the meeting; be bold and creative.