Multimedia:Meeting in Paris/Notes/Integration

From Wikimedia Usability Initiative

Integration discussion — encouraging reuse by other non-MediaWiki sites.


  • When reuse occurs, attribution etc does not occur properly.
  • No programmatic way in MediaWiki to present the licensing information/attribution info. We can provide the description pages via the API
  • Some way of resolving issues with moved or deleted images.
  • Some images are deleted when they are replaced in another format.
  • Issues with what license the file is under, GFDL requires the entire text of the GFDL in the license.
  • What size image do we embed?

Similar examples

  • Wikimedia UK has an on-hover text system for its blog for its blog .
  • Example given: Dutch government (Kennisnet) allows students to make websites.
  • The images at wdl have a nice share this button


  • Reuse HTML/facebook/blog/forum code generator, that allows selection of an individual image, and generates appropriate HTML with proper attribution. We can only do this for appropriately licensed images.
  • Perhaps already exists, but needs fixing.
  • Distinguishing between reuse and sharing.
  • Need to allow the user to select the size.
  • Adds EXIF data.
  • Note in the EXIF data that it came from commons, with all metadata (author, license, ...).
  • Plugins for embedding media in popular CMS systems, which allow correct reuse of commons images (à la InstantCommons).
  • WordPress, Drupal, WordPress, twitter, Moodle
  • Just a plain Flickr-like "Share this" link to grab HTML to embed the object
  • Some sort of tracking of reuse is a good idea.
  • Extension of GlobalUsage? API module to grab trackbacks/etc
  • Some sort of integration with GlobalUsage.
  • Some sort of content-addressable scheme to resolve issues with renamed and modified images.
  • Consider transferring the image, resolves maintenance issues with deleted/renamed/modified files.
  • Develop statistics on hotlinked images (Referrer-header based).
  • Include some sort of token in generated image URLS for reuse so we can track their usage. (do this for InstantCommons as well)
  • Consider privacy.
  • We need to make InstantCommons more accessible and advertised.
  • Improve MediaWiki as a third-party reuser.