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See also Multimedia:Metrics.

Major issues

What are the major issues related to this topic?

  • We have only very limited metrics

Reasons to have metrics:

  • data to design or improve MW
  • statistic indicators to measure progress
  • communication / outreach / relationships with GLAMs

Currently available statistics

What are the existing tools or workarounds used to circumvent these issues?

Other possible solutions

What other solutions could be used to circumvent these issues? (Be bold and creative)

  • Count of good/bad images (?)
  • Metadata that needs to be filled out?
  • High vs low-quality/resolution?
  • Internal & external usage?
  • Distribution of media files by size (ranges)
  • Source: own work / batch upload from partnership / other
  • Distribution of uploads per wiki-age of users (ranges)
  • File views across all projects (only description pages are available) (and at what size?)

What needs to be developed

  • aggregate thumbnail views in hitcount stats
  • official storage of hit count data on WMF servers and toolserver (ideally in MySQL table?)
  • geoIP agP-lookup based aggregation of country information
  • deploy GlobalCheckUsage - add view to toolserver
  • Pretty one-page summary of where images by a user/in a category are used.
  • Pingback/callback system (spam? don't worry yet)
    • most important thing we need pingback for is InstantCommons subscriptions to notify of file updates/deletions
  • Referer/usage aggregator
    • Aggregator eats live squid logs, every few minutes saves aggregated data into MW database:
      • which images
      • what thumb sizes
      • referrers [pages on wikis / external sites]
      • geolookup of viewer IPs - regional breakdown

Notes on hit stats aggregation at


What issues should we focus on?

  • Pageview and referer aggregators: easy wins
  • Global Check Usage stats: easy win