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From Wikimedia Usability Initiative

Workflow analysis

What's the current workflow related to this topic?

  • Search engine such as Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • Internal search engine from Wikipedia, Commons and other Wikimedia projects

Major issues

What are the major issues related to this topic?

  • Internal search does not take advatage of language indicator and does not pick up international content
  • Some meta data are embedded to media files (usually not localized); not used for search
    • image EXIF, movie subtitles, ...
  • Meta data maintained on the description pages are not machine readable
  • Meta-Data search: license/license-feature, size, media-type, etc
  • Export of image metadata (creator, etc), embedding for external search engine
  • Image content localization/parametrization
    • localization/parametrization of embedded maps

Tools and workarounds

What are the existing tools or workarounds used to circumvent these issues?

Other possible solutions

What other solutions could be used to circumvent these issues? (Be bold and creative)

  • Semantic MediaWiki (eval Scalability)
  • Integration of WikiWord-Thesaurus with internal search (lucene)
  • Bryan Tong Minh's Global Commons - Coming soon! [1]

Solutions analysis

What are the advantages and drawbacks of these solutions? (existing or not yet)

  • Efficiency in solving the issue
  • Drawbacks
  • Feasibility
  • ...


What issues should we focus on?

  • ...
  • ...