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Discussion of Staging/Quarantine Area for file uploads


Requirements of the two systems

Competitions/Multi uploads to the same "group" of images

  • Send the users to a special upload form.
  • Customisable images.
  • Tying images together.


  • Staging area not on Commons, but elsewhere (Toolserver, something else?)
  • We need some bulk modifications.
  • Need tools for some data processing (shell-only mostly)
  • Some institutions want more feedback than others.
  • A more GLAM-driven approach may be warranted in some cases. Ask the GLAM to upload some kind of data, and have supported metadata formats. Have them associate the appropriate fields, and it works fine. This is easier than driving by in a black mercedes and grabbing a hard drive.
  • Some of the problems will be metadata in random formats, and require manual munging.
  • Three possibilities: museums that have staff, and can upload the content themselves; those that have e.g. a well structured website that we can extract metadata from; those that have never published, and don't have organized information. Need to capture all three.
  • Different projects: GLAM web interface, scraping tools and libraries, and an organised effort to get GLAMs involved with the system.
  • Some mechanism for allowing uploads of all kinds of files, and to convert them to Wikimedia formats.
  • Work with Internet Archive to pass on huge (50T) files, with GLAMs.
  • Use of role accounts.


  • Staging area on Commons - almost like flagged revs, but not.
  • Some way of pushing back into the staging area.
  • Items in the staging area should be deletable.
  • Items in the staging area should expire.
  • Requiring email address (for PUSH message about expiry)
  • Still needs to be part of the normal upload process--from MediaWiki's perspective--not in a different server, etc. The "staging" area would be some sort of flag on the image.
  • It's for fixing licensing and metadata.
  • Bulk modification tools should be available in the staging area.
  • Integration directly into the upload process. "Your upload isn't done yet, so fill in the following information".
  • Problem: use as personal web space
  • Social features ("Help me" button).
  • Automatically delete from staging area after N hours/days?


  • Some kind of "token" system allowing individual approval of groups/projects, other than for individual staging area.
  • Groups/GLAM — some way of making sure that review is undergone.