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Multimedia Usability Meeting, Paris - November 6-8, 2009

Upload process issues:

  • It is complicated and easy to get lost
  • Redundant, information can come from the file itself
  • Multiple user interfaces for different use cases
  • Form is designed for single uploads
  • Commons design is driven by the assumption of and fear about copyright confusion, help text is written in the negative (what you can't do) instead of the positive (what you can do)
  • Need to educate about licensing is intertwined with uploading process
  • If you upload an image wrong, you get harrassed by a bot giving you a crash course in world wide copyright
  • Language issues are a barrier for both documentation and user-to-user assistance
  • People on local projects do not understand the utility of uploading their images to commons (and are sometimes resistant or might be put off by agressive talk page messages)


Proposals and recommendations:

  • Get rid of questions that do not make sense (PD questions in the "own work" section)
  • (Andrew) To fix, make uploading a properly multi-stage process. FIRST, upload the image. THEN, say whether it's your own work or not. If it's their own work, don't give them a lecture on copyright law. If it isn't, use a series of simple questions and answers to determine whether it can be uploaded, and what its appropriate license is. At each point, try to avoid overloading the user.
  • (Andrew) Use proper fields for structured data (dates, unexplained "Permission:" field, "Other versions".
  • Fix the OTRS permissions approval process, it's strange and mysterious.
  • "Quarantine" section for copyright clearance. lower barrier to upload images and let people check it.
  • (Brion:) "Red label" warnings when using images that aren't fully cleared yet
  • Combination of instant gratification + clear way to have people find and fix things after == wiki way
  • If uploading from Wikipedia have it directly send to commons when you click the "own work" check box.
  • (Ariel) This can be a problem when the photo is fair use because of the contents (eg image of a building where there is no freedom of parnorama in that country)
  • Inline upload form via add media wizard on edit page [in progress - mdale]
  • Integrate CommonSense deeper into the upload mechanism
  • Upload file *first*, extract EXIF metadata, *then* ask for more details from user
  • Copyright questions mainly for third-party sourced images, which usually come from web. URL source and any copy metadata in the file are excellent sources of info without bugging the user.
  • World-wide PD calculator that interprets the place/date info to determine PD status of an image
  • "Report copyright problem" button for one-click directing things to admin attention queue
  • Add the ability to upload multiple files from a "batch" (sharing licensing and source information if appropriate, but not descriptions and other metadata).
  • Add a new option for importing images cross-wiki rather than the fun image moving bots we use now.

Mass upload group

use case 1: huge pile of images with structured information

use case 2: huge pile of images without structured information


  • GLAM
  • Commons users
  • Contests




  • Staging Area
  • File format for mass upload description data and structured information
  • This may depend on having clean structured license metadata!
  • Feedback opportunity for Wikimedia users in the Staging Area regarding the Previews
  • Making bots easier
  • Documentation: Best practices
  • Report Sheet: Number of images, number of images used, number of page views
  • Generic Reports on single images
  • Reports for Groups, set of images
  • Capacity planning for server and storage deployment as mass uploads increase
  • Allowing and Creating Role Accounts at Commons for Mass uploads
  • Reporting and exporting of changes back to the GLAM
  • Clickthrough statistics for links clicked to the GLAM institutions

Lightning talk notes:

  • Ryan Kaldari demoing specialized contest management tool:
  • inspired by "Wikipedia Loves Art" type mass photography events
  • has scoring for photo assessment
  • Michael Dale demoing Add Media Wizard goodness
  • Chad Horohoe demoing current InstantCommons implementation in MediaWiki (ForeignFileRepository support)
  • Hay Kranen talked about Wiki loves art and Wikiportret (meta link)

Smaller working groups

  • Reviewed (FF 3.6, Chrome, Safari nightly)
  • Reviewed FF 3.6 full-screen support (slow, stops video when exiting, apparently no JS bindings - Michael filing bugs)
  • Reviewed and then deployed GlobalUsage on test wiki.