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Parul's Notes on Bianca

  • editing for grammar
  • haven't made any major edits - added some content, but not nearly as much
  • blogs
  • has written yelp reviews
  • notices article and discussion tabs.
  • stanford band - changes the caption on a photo.
  • never really figured out what minor edit is - usually click on it.
  • copies and pastes from an example link. finds referenced links.
  • i'm trying to see how to make a piece of text look like (a link?)
  • look like hyperlink
  • sean points out link button in toolbar
  • creates internal link by typing chars- page doesn't exist, red
  • links to "external" page using dialog
  • internal link - automatically
  • not likely to add references
  • knows how to add a section - just types the chars, looks at toolbar, wouldn't use
  • shifting in the editor window - distracting
  • see video markers for template stuff
  • has never created a page

Naoko's Notes on Bianca

General editing

  • Compares the editing experience with WordPress
  • Publish the edits without previewing
  • Knows how to add a link to Wikipedia page
  • Add internal link using dialog successfully
  • Creates a table using dialog, but missed how to make a header row

Templates interaction

  • Looks for an infobox in NTOC
  • Expands the arrow, instead of using the dialog
  • Likes the dialog, but did not recognize how to get to it

Overall impression

  • Interface is not intuitive
  • Wishes obvious tutorial
  • Refers to twitter for how to's
  • Highlights for new features

One thing you like the most

  • NTOC
  • Template dialog

What would make you contribute significantly?

  • Making citation easier (importing references)
  • Incentives
  • Something enticing (not sure how to express)

One message to the UX team

  • Make it obvious

Nimish's and Hannes's Notes

  • "I wish this would be a plain Text Editor"
  • Uses Preview Tab immediatly (when asked to find the preview)
  • Thought the Advanced, Speical Page and Help Links are "real" Links that takes you to another page. Therrfor she didn't want to click on the them.
  • can use the ling dialog very good. "this is pretty intuitiv"

Insert Reference

  • recognizes ref icon
  • was very confused by junping effect!!!
  • does not know how to format a reference, would just select text and click the ref-icon
  • Would like to have an undo button


  • Expects "moderators to discuss the article"
  • Clicks on it: see some hints --> is confused, this is not what she expected.
  • "this is like another wiki"

Add a section

  • copies the "==="
  • rather than using the headings from the toolbar (even though she sees them, doesnt know what it is)
  • thinks the indent-icon could have something todo with a section as well, but she is unsure

Insert table

  • finds table icon immediatly
  • gets along with the iserted table code pretty well
  • (knows where to put what)

Infobox/ Template Folding

  • looks for a "category" in the ntoc that says infobox
  • some guide: "scroll back to the top" than finds the capsule, clicks oin the arrow
  • guide: "click on the hyperlink"
  • "Oh cool, but I would have figure this out, if you did not tell me."
  • Calls templates "hyperlinks"
  • Enjoys editing from forms more
  • What you like better? "the popup thing, it's easier to find. But I dont like the fact that I cannot change the headings"

New Page

  • Searches left nav (Communtiy Portal)
  • searches for "how to create a new page" --> doesnt find help


  • Searching for help information
  • Asks for tutorial as well