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"Dry Run" - @ 9am
"Victoria" - Thurs @ 9am
"Clayton" - Thurs @ 10:30am
"Sara S" - Thurs @ 12:00pm
"Carrie O" - Thurs @ 3:00pm
"Tram" - Thurs @ 4:30pm
"Erin" - Fri @ 9:00am
"Oliver" - Fri @ 10:30am
"Caroline" - Fri @ 1:30pm
"Rob" - Fri @ 3:00pm
"Joaquin" - Fri @ 4:30pm


"Phil" - Thurs @ 6:00am PDT
"Keith" - Thurs @ 9:00am PDT
"Bianca" - Thurs @ 11:30am PDT
"Adam" - Thurs @ 1:00pm PDT
"Charles" - Fri @ 6:00am PDT
"Nicholas" - Fri @ 7:30am PDT
"Meghan" - Fri @ 10:00am PDT
"Lisa" - Fri @ 11:30am PDT

General Comments/Notes

Bugs we've found

  • publish button does not work with captcha
  • once you edit info within the link box, we should not auto update fields
  • "what you type" should be in courier, lost its formatting
  • "loading" message for preview
  • consider changing table example in dialog to sketch (see my sketch)
  • our table example does not match the default values
  • Publish dialog does not have "Briefly describe the changes you've made here"
  • include infobox with icon in TOC
  • does ctrl-f work inside a pop up?
  • ctrl-v makes the templates explode.
  • preview tab from within "preview mode" - deal with it better!
  • preview pages aren't distinguishable from actual wiki pages - run the risk of people not committing their edits (in some cases because the preview is a false confirmation of their edits
  • dialogs + minor edit + etc are missing suggestive text
  • edit links visible in preview tab mode
  • take heading level 1 out of the dropdown menu

Brain Dump

  • icon in the cheat sheet
  • showing inserted text better
  • showing article changes better
  • explore lightbox/gray/inplace help
  • can't be agnostic about what kind of template it is. put burden on template writers - provide guidlines (template info extension)
  • minor edit/formatting edit?
  • ref wizard - including different citation templates