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Search: 2:40 Google -> Wikipedia Doesn't go to wp first and search from wp to find out how to add sources to wikipedia, he googled "how to add references to wikipedia"

Thinks wikipedia is very accurate "wp is something i take from" doesn't feel he has expertise to contribute; "all that stuff is pretty solid, don't see many mistakes"; may edit local stuff

has experience with wikis via class project (wetpaint). editing is "almost like html, but not quite"

"approved in some way, or not approved" (thoughts on how the wikipedia article approval process works)

/me lets howie write things down

NTOC: "this is nifty" found it immediately

use to get alot of information

"Link" symbol automatically recognized Link dialog doesn't grab "closest link" if in a link Link default text change->not a feature? --Discouraged because the text "randomly changed"

"That's pretty convenient." using the wiki link feature Selected text and hit link icon.

Link to external page - doesn't like it when text to display = url - since text to display changes, would rather use wikitext to create external links

The label, "Wikitext" is understood.

"Citation help would be nice." Google searched for Wikipedia "help"

Likes the "cheat sheet" in the toolbar, "I can look and type at the same time." - but on most websites, tends not to use help

Spending quite a bit of time on adding references... - couldn't figure out syntax, so tried to copy the text from help menu and got something crazy - puzzled how extenal links show up in references, "I just keep playing around it until I get it right."

like Victoria, was looking for references in the External links section why haven't we converted all in-text references to out-of-text references? it is now technically possible

Compare the existing syntax and his intention, "what I was doing was right."

"Pretty easy" (Really? it looked struggle to me. NK)

« how would I put a link in my reference? » 31:30 "I only got a number." (implying the number in the references)

34:00 he's confused by the fact that when he wants to display the URL with the URL as label, the code is simply « » instead of « » (syntax for other links where the label is different from the URL)

"I would like a video, if I am asked to edit Wikipedia." (Getting started, overall sujet would be good.)

"Reference icon makes sense, but I'm not familiar with it" he's more familiar with icons from other applications (like Word)

License agreement dialog gives a long pause

"watch this page" -> email notification? or my edit is verified? "I don't know how Wikipedia is verified." (Thinking there is a body who verifies the content.)

Would you edit in the future? "The process made it really easy, and that is not obstacles any more. Yeah."

"I don't know where to go.", looking for "discussion" tab

"all the information on a wikipedia page is down". First thing he does on a page is to scroll down

thinks talk page is where you would discuss conflicts, but is uncertain who mediates. (calls it "chat board" or "message board")

"This is neat." (looking at the discussion page)

Task: add section --> Goes to hometown (Millbrae) adding section: - opened up a tab with Millbrae (BUT he went to wp home page and entered "millbrae" in wp search box) Opened "help" from the toolbar instead of expanding the toolbar to get advanced option confustion with "1st level heading" and what he sees (second level headings) (same as Victoria -- see also comments there)

Task: add table Found the table icon without problems Made connection of rows and columns by looking at the cells in the wikisyntax

Task: Templates Goes to the second browser tab to view the article, instead of using the "Read" tab Wants template to be part of NTOC Clicked on expand to wikitext first Rolls up and down and found the infobox capsule Expanded the template using inline expansion (not dialog) "Not as easy as I had hoped for."

"drop down menu is safe" since he doesn't think he's gonna go anywhere else with the expand icon

Template Dialog: Should it be alphabetized? right now in order of display, but might be disconnect

Thinks it's a link

Thinks the form icon does something completely different

Wants ability to jump to specific part of form

each time he previews his changes, he has to scroll back up to the top of the page to switch to the wikitext view again. It may make sense to have a continuous view switcher bar on the left of the page or something.

"I don't want to click links, because it takes me somewhere else" (pointing to the blue underlined capsule names)

59:45 "the drop-down menu is safe"

"This is pretty neat too." (looking at the "View History" page)

Wishes "Add a page" tab on the top Suggests a wizard

Likes: the NTOC on the right reference was easier than i thought

What would make you contribute? "One I feel like I have more expertise in an area" In the future, a biography of a colleague that becomes famous stuff that he's passionate about -- he either agrees with or trusts the information

Says he would edit small errors (e.g., spelling)

Task: Adding images Chose image gallery, inserted a link into a capiton -> does not work

"Wikipedia is part of our language, but..." None of his friends would edit, unless it was just for kicks "believes there is truth in voices of the masses" "reality is seen through wikipedia"

"(as) more people edit, it(wp) would be more accurate."


On speech team, so constantly looking things up Uses ~5 days/week a little skeptical since you can edit yourself, but seems pretty accurate why not edit? hasn't seen anything which needs editing

"that was very easy to do. . .i'm not sure. . ."

Expects word doc stuff realized the 'show preview' preview is a preview 11:36 -"I don't know how to edit it"

References => People continuously try to add links in the 'references' section at the bottom, to an external web page - found help, trying to figure out syntax - says she'd be pretty likely to reference "if i could figure it out"

Would you be more likely to edit in the future? "yeah, probably"

"they're discussing" Who? "<username>" Do they work for wikipeida or are they just people out in the world? "They're just people out in the world"

Task: add section this was easy for her. she looked at the wikitext and copied the "==" syntax

Task: add table Brought up dialogue for table, changed rows/columns, started editing inserted wikitext "oh that's beautiful" when she finished the table

Task: decrease population of castro valley by one Clicks on expand template first Moderator had to probe to get her to click form link thinks form icon will take her somewhere else

view history page; what's going on here? "A lot. I'm not sure" Figures out it's "people who are changing things" after she sees the diff Viewing history is something she probably won't do

why not edit? Doesn't occur to her/doesn't want to take time to learn


Looks up people a lot

Why not edit? Looking for information about people; not knowledgeable enough - can't think of instance where she's seen something incorrect - remembers seeing stub for adding more information, just never did - "dont consider myself a source"

Recurring theme of "not knowlegdable enough"

Colbert is awesome

Wasn't aware of user accounts

"i'm not a technical person" doesn't have the patience to figure it out Mentioned that the statement that she added "wasn't particularly profound"

Task: Citation Looooong pause... Reference icon is not recognized Trying to figure out from help "I'm not technical enough (and not willing) to do this Help was not helpful "i'm clicking on them to find out what they do, but nothing seems to be happening" --> this is where she says she'd stop

Help not interactive enough (We could make it fun and pretty)

struggles to identify what syntax makes links NTOC is easy to be recognized and interacted

She says it's pretty unlikely that she'll edit again (unless there is a burning desire to edit something) - small errors (e.g., spelling) - is there anything WP can do? She says there are a lot of click-throughs, not user-friendly, "legalese stuff" wasn't user friendly --> reduce number of steps - she uses turbotax, wants the equivalent of turbotax too many click through before publishing

Task: adding a new section - quickly used section header tool - excited to see what she did worked

Task: ceate a table - took 10-15 seconds to find a table icon - looks proud after creating a table successfully

Task: Edit population Expanded the infobox using the dialog Recurring theme: Looking for Infobox by the TOC because that's where it appears in the page

Name makes *huge* difference did not notice the scroll bar at first, but noticed later and started scrolling

View History - I will *never* take time to review this - Thinks user talk page is where the discussion of the article takes place

Recurring theme: look at left Nav to create article (because we're asking them to do something like File-> new article...fix that)

How to find help? "I never look at help, even using MS word."

I slightly feel I had accomplished something. Slightly empowered by learning how to edit.

"I don't find it super user friendly. I'm visual person, and this code thing.." "turns to code"

Liked: She likes the help after all. Finds the toolbar layout easy.

Has experience in web publising

Yelp: considered contributing; but then heard it was a scam so doesn't contribute

turbotax: used to use accountant, friend told her about it, thought it was hard; hook was could do return online, get your return online; nothing to lose; "a 15 year old should be able to understand this"; "line 46 -> line 46, simplicity", feels like wikipedia takes her back to wordperfect days

"a 15 yr old should be able to understand what this is" Short, simple statements

Mrs Howie

[1-2 edits] + blogger Edited for fun for the first time Editing experience was surprisingly easy to edit (open process), but actual editing process was not easy although she considers herself tech-savvy does not have an account

goes to cosmetics page pleasntly surprised that "make up" page is redirected to "cosmetics" "interesting photo collecitons"

Redirects -> reasoning (assumes topic deficiency)

Add something to the page use "read" tab to go back to the page "interesting" interface (puzzled) wants to add a section, but can't figure out

Looks for TOC where the TOC was in the page (similar to finding Infobox in earlier participants) Expects TOC to have "add section" button since sections are already present

Doesn't use 'section edit'...

Wants to add a section directly to NTOC Trys out the link on the left navigation bar

Familiar with old "save" interface, thrown off by "publish"

"can't link to external links in the body" ->assumption of how wikipedia works?

Back button to get back to read mode

Thiks that she can copy the link syntax from the links in the text (did not work as she wanted to add external link)

Never noticed the toolbar Goes to the left nav when she was asked something useful

Finally found the link icon (expects it to be blue. "link is always in blue") (syntax highlighting for links?) Tries to copy internal link syntax for external links

Didn't know she was in the preview mode (thought she was in the article page)

Recurring Theme: Preview mode not clear

References: copy+paste reference example

Figuring out how to add citation is difficult, try and error does not work

Wants to "save" first (meaning locally for previewing) ' Recurring theme: needing to undo (not readily visible or known that it's possible)

Templates as "buttons" not "links"

Expects help in the left navigation bar

No idea about templates without multiple parameters and values

In discussion page: Look at boxes at the top and thinks the page is for announcement

Task: adding a section - wants to add a section in NTOC - figures out the heading syntax by clicking one of the section header from NTOC - There is no "UNDO" (after making a mistake with table creation)

"Preview" tab is found without any wondering around, but the preview itself takes a long time for a long article like "San Francisco"

"those gray boxes must be some kind of templates" likes the temlate inline expansion as she can see te whole thing

View history (have been there before, thinking it is discusion page)

Likes: Hyperlinks to the section

Didn't like: No page differentiation (did not know where she was at)

Participation: If there is an indication about "help" in the search result page, i will edit.

Erin C

References -> tries to make it HTML b/c it looks like HTML tags Gets confused with the template capsule

Recognizes need for discussion page so it's not an "edit war"

Infoboxes: expect a 'section edit' "really not sure how to get into that"

"throws me off that they have 2 ways to view the same thing" "makes me wonder if one way is better than another"

"summary saying 'substantial vandalism' helped me"


Search bar moved, "where people expect it" (used it before he noticed it) -> go and search is confusing

"used show preview"

time to preview/response too slow "can I open a new tab? do I have to wait for it?"

copied url to sf wiki page (, pasted in link dialog, checked "wiki page"; "external link" icon in upper right corner didn't change, created a new wiki page named the url (expressly said 'this is a wiki page' while creating the external URL)

PREVIEW NOT CLEAR ENOUGH, people test links in preview to make sure they internally/externally link right

"can't see controls all the time" size of scroll area "blogging tools don't have tabs at the top' --> how do blogging tools do preview?

Understood the "discussion" tab, but was unsure when he got to the page. He eventually seemed to figure it out.

task: template editing struggled to find collapsed template since i don't know the order, i expect alphabetical larger infoboxes a problem, in display order, need some sort of categorization

chooses to preview after making change then clicks on publish

Thinks "minor edit" flags it for someone to look at

Templates "there are lots of these little things, looked like everything else here", Infobox "we don't know wht to call it" (we need to differentitate)


"doesn't look editable"

SCREEN SCROLL: as to guillom's comment:people always scroll to a certain position as a 'comfortable editing position' can we change that?

Task: create table started laughing, then went immediately to help Tried to type within the example Once table is inserted, he figured out how to edit

What do you think about the editing process? "I know my mother couldn't use this" if he wanted to do something more advance, wants to go to help

Liked the graphical support "if i knew what an infobox was, it would have helped"

Didn't like Scroll within scroll within scroll

When creating new article: Thinks there must be some sort of format

New article prepopulated with a style?

All this [the toolbar] would be helpful


More of a consumer of info than a contributor for ugc stuff (e.g., amazon, yelp)

Task: add link Used double brackets Added kevin thompson knows that red = no article, and her expectation is that "Kevin Thompson" would be in red She doesn't want the link to go to a disambiguation page

tried to paste wikipedia url into link dialog when creating an internal link

Motivated and finds relevant text

Very error-tolerant

Rob M

"reference" icon not clear Recurring theme: no one's really using the 'reference' button

Need only one interaction with template ("why have both?") 'get rid of arrow'

expects table in table dialog to be editable

"Demo on how to edit" (tutorial, clip, etc)

"Change the reference button"

Joaquin D

No experience with HTML

All-blacks rugby fan =) "a whole bunch of computery looking things" -> "oh no wait" (after NTOC and stuff showed up) DEF less intimidated after other stuff appeared

Added wiki page link and clicked "internal" again...bottom option seems too confusing

'adding section' -> doesn't think it's automatic (thinks headings are a formatting issue)