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Multimedia:Meeting in Paris/Summary

From Wikimedia Usability Initiative


  • Main issues: The current interface is too complicated.
  • It should be simplified and the software should be smarter.
  • Next step: Design new interface, implement prototype
  • Movers: Ford project team, ...

Staging area

  • Main issues: The files uploaded to Commons are published immediately, without any way to fix mistakes or manage collections.
  • Staging areas will help with the review and publishing of files, both for individual and partnerships uploads.
  • Next step: define technical specifications & feasibility.
  • Movers: Ford project team, Bryan (for discussion about implementation; most likely not sufficient time for the actual implementation), ...


  • Main issues: We can't currently access or query structured data to narrow a search or to facilitate use/reuse.
  • Solutions: Extraction of data from templates & export.
  • Next step: Evaluate feasibility of template extraction.
  • Movers: Wikimedia Deutschland (Duesentrieb)


  • Main issues: It is difficult to search in other languages than English, and to narrow down a search based on specific criteria that can't be queried.
  • Solutions: Multilingual search & structured data search.
  • Next step: Integrate multilingual search & make use of newly structured data.
  • Movers: Wikimedia Deutschland (Duesentrieb)

Multilingual support

  • Main issues: Commons doesn't cater the expected user experience of non English users.
  • Solutions: Language-specific display and rendering
  • Next steps: Come up with scalable solutions
  • Movers: Ford project team, ...


  • Main issues: We have only very limited metrics to design the software, measure progress and impact.
  • Solutions: Existing tools & tools to come.
  • Next steps: Prioritize metrics to track & implement tracking.
  • Movers: Ford project team, ...


  • Main issues: It is currently difficult to reuse content of Commons in a reliable, perennial way that provides good credit.
  • Solutions: Plugins for CMSs, bidirectional communication between 3rd party & Commons.
  • Next steps: Form a dedicated team to focus on integration.
  • Movers: ...

Interface redesign

  • Main issues: The pages are cluttered and not appealing to the audience.
  • Solutions: redesign
  • Next steps: Make mockups & prototype
  • Movers: Ford project team, ...

Mass upload

  • Main issues: The existing mass upload clients don't accommodate the variety of cases (sources, structure of data, etc.) and don't allow enough batch organization.
  • Solutions: Versatile upload tool and/or a staging area.
  • Next step: Evaluate existing tools, share information and determine the directions.
  • Movers: ...

GLAM lifecycle

  • Main issues: Lack of understanding of the complete process from initial engagement to publishing.
  • Solutions: share experience & information among active people who interact with the GLAM process.
  • Next steps: Propose scalable solutions (human & technical resources, chapter support).
  • Movers: ...


  • Main issues: Lack of awareness & understanding of Commons' presence & mission.
  • Solutions: outreach materials & programs
  • Next steps: Create the materials & design programs.
  • Movers: WMF Outreach