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Workflow and interface redesign

  • most likely cases (own work,
  • simple, not too verbose
  • but we need to educate them a little => quick tutorial for first-time users

Related bugs:

Staging area

aka holding area, incomplete uploads, quarantine section, etc.

Related bugs:

  • bugzilla:4995: Ability to block users from uploading files only
    Listing this bug only as a reminder. This is probably not the way we want to handle this kind of users.
  • bugzilla:2537: Ability to preview summary in "Upload file" page.
    Will probably be INVALID after the redesign of the upload process, since we don't want any (wiki)text on the upload page itself. Preview will be included in the next step of the upload where the user provides pieces of information about their file.
  • bugzilla:16437: Ability to preview vector/re-rendered images in Special:Upload "warning" interstitial.
  • bugzilla:20326: Option to strip some metadata on upload (GPS/geolocation privacy)

Multiple Upload

Allow several files to be uploaded at the same time (5 to 10)

  • possibility to add the same description(s), license(s), category(ies), geocode to all the pictures
  • but also to specify custom data for each

Related bugs:

  • bugzilla:488: Upload more than one file at a time
  • bugzilla:16751: Support multiple file uploads via Special:Upload (backend/infrastructure)
  • bugzilla:16752: Support HTML 5 multiple upload control
  • bugzilla:16753: Support Flash-based upload widget to handle multiple file selection
  • bugzilla:18132: Support multiple file uploads with upload-by-URL


Related bugs:

Smart upload

Metadata extraction

Extract relevant metadata from files on upload

  • Priority: EXIF
  • IPTC and XMP would be nice too, especially since XMP can host multilingual descriptions
  • where we store these metadata (existing templates, structured data) will be determined later.

See Multimedia:Metadata#Metadata extraction

Category suggestion

based on file name, keywords, description, metadata, etc.

Automatic conversion

Related bugs:

Copyright & permissions

Permissions workflow

Rethink it, make it more straightforward

PD calculator

worldwide PD calculator

EDP management

Some wikis have fair-use or similar policies. See EDP.

Source of upload

Upload by URL

from 3rd-party websites (flickr, Internet Archive, etc.)

  • Check if the source or the file provides useful metadata
  • Check if the source or the file provides copyright information

Related bugs:

  • bugzilla:18202: Upload-by-URL should run in background, report feedback interactively to user
  • bugzilla:18243: Upload via URL: More meaningful error messages when HTTP error encountered
  • bugzilla:18112: Retain URL as metadata on upload-by-url

Inline upload

upload while editing a page

Cross-wiki upload

Related bugs:


Related bugs:


Related bugs:

  • bugzilla:14171: Allow Special:FileDuplicateSearch to match against previously deleted images
  • bugzilla:2606: Should be possible to delete an image description page without deleting the image
    Related to RevDelete / single-revision delete
  • bugzilla:1710: Ability to watch all articles in a category
  • bugzilla:9501: List/indication of unpatrolled uploaded media files
  • bugzilla:14417: Generate upload log entry when duplicate file uploaded
  • bugzilla:2586: Allow deleting the most recent version of an image
  • bugzilla:12874: batch deletion for file histories
  • bugzilla:14148: Render file links in the dupe files list like links from wikitext
  • bugzilla:14446: Image with missing versions behave oddly
  • bugzilla:14901: Email notification mistakes edit for new page creation
  • bugzilla:17370: Viewing metadata for deleted files and old revisions


  • report a problem
  • nominate for deletion (should these two be merged?)
  • promotion
  • review on upload
  • topic-specific notifications (e.g. sort of topical watchlist of images nominated for promotion/deletion or uploaded)



Edit location

Widget allowing to add/modify/remove geographical information using OpenStreetMap

Annotations tool

Tool to annotate pictures

  • review the existing annotation tool, see if it's scalable, it import/export is possible/easy, if it can be improved, etc.
  • integrate a way to tag people? places? things?
  • make it work with other view sizes

Image editing tools

Basic image editing tools:

  • lossless crop
  • lossless rotate
  • preserve metadata
  • add possibility to save the resulting image with another name (not really necessary for rotate, but probably needed for crops)

Related bugs:

Video editing tools

See Michael Dale's work, including subtitling

To sort

Related bugs:

SVG editing

Related bugs:

  • bugzilla:5899: Allow on-wiki editing of SVG images
  • bugzilla:16052: Support for multilingual SVGs
    When we do this, add a way to merge existing SVGs so that users can easily turn them into a single multilingual file.

Using and reusing content


  • bugzilla:4421: Image file extension should not be part of the name
  • bugzilla:6579: Allowing protecting files without protecting image pages
  • bugzilla:19915: <audio> controls size too big
  • bugzilla:5614: :Integrate an applet to allow viewing of panoramic images, large maps (gigapan / ptviewer)
  • bugzilla:893: Easier image syntax handling
  • bugzilla:2443: Image alt text should be compulsory
  • bugzilla:5416: Please set the "title" property for the image on an image description page
  • bugzilla:7003: Allow percentage values for thumbnail sizes relative to default thumbnail width
  • bugzilla:7866: Allow downloading multiple image files in a compressed archive
    Probably something for the toolserver folks
  • bugzilla:10151: Bad image list doesn't strip image parameters from link
  • bugzilla:10587: enable caption for "border" and "frameless" mode
  • bugzilla:11239: Image captions ending with external links display inconsistently
  • bugzilla:8298: Access information from a file description page where the file is used
  • bugzilla:13214: <gallery> shouldn't rescale small bitmap images
  • bugzilla:13650: decimal fractions in image sizes are parsed incorrectly
  • bugzilla:15464: Feature: missing gallery image names become upload links
  • bugzilla:16409: New "link=" parameter in [[Image: - cannot link to Media:
  • bugzilla:16457: Allow images in galleries to have their own borders
  • bugzilla:17398: Allow Image link= parameter when using thumb or frame
  • bugzilla:17685: Gallery: No Image prefix needed? (not working)
  • bugzilla:18682: Can't provide alt text for files in <gallery>
  • bugzilla:19906: Provide a method to allow alternate text for images to be provided at the file description page
  • bugzilla:20712: Anchor tag surrounding a thumbnail's img tag no longer has a title attribute.
  • bugzilla:21981: Auto file name/label feature for <gallery>
  • Sometimes the caption is much more detailed than the description on the file description page (example: Fault-tolerant system). Yet when the user clicks the file to see a larger size, they see the file description page's text, and not the caption with the context of the article. We have to find a better way to handle this (also related: caption / description / alt text).


Related bugs:

File description page

Related bugs:

  • bugzilla:3498: Image history is confusing
    • bugzilla:10863: Links on commons upload summaries do not link to commons
  • bugzilla:4588: Group pages by templates in list of file links on Image page
  • bugzilla:11243: Show images on image description page previews
  • bugzilla:12649: Show metadata information from SVGs on file description page
  • bugzilla:15155: Large images preview and navigation (enhancement)
  • bugzilla:16081: Add widescreen resolutions to Image size limits for file description pages
  • bugzilla:16677: Media: view URLs should HTTP-redirect to canonical File: namespace
  • bugzilla:16956: Show IPTC metadata on image description page
  • bugzilla:17259: Image redirect records duplicate link information in redirects and imagelinks tables
  • bugzilla:17370: Viewing metadata for deleted files and old revisions
  • bugzilla:17474: Image pages contain same named links, but to different items
  • bugzilla:18017: Image page should list places that image redirects are used
  • bugzilla:18107: Old revisions of file pages should have old versions of files/images as the primary image.
  • bugzilla:20647: Allow way to choose thumbnail frame for video on its File: description page

Size selector

Allow viewing ang downloading at various sizes

Related bugs:

Visual warnings

for files suspected to infringe a copyright, etc.

Related bugs:

  • bugzilla:9616: Automatic image watermarking
  • bugzilla:8298: New "magic word" to assign an arbitrary CSS class to an image from the image description page

View map

Widget to see on a map where the media file was recorded, and possibly other geocoded files nearby


Related bugs:

Reuse from other CMSes

Related bugs:

  • bugzilla:18133 WordPress plugin for picking media out of Wikimedia sites

Crosswiki integration

Unified watchlist

A way to integrate the watchlist on Commons to a watchlist on another wiki. Or a list of any watchlists.

  • Via RSS feeds entered manually by the user
  • Via special page with checkboxes (include a select/unselect all).
  • Reasons: A fair amount of Wikimedia users don't want to upload files to Commons because it requires them to have a separate watchlist. Another fair amount of users complain that they aren't properly notified when they get messages about their files on their talk page on Commons.

Special page for global settings

Could be used for global preferences in the end, but would first be used for global watchlist. Allow some sort of sorting with JS magic; possible keys:

  • number of edits on the wiki
  • project (all wikipedias together, then sorted alphabetically by language)
  • language (same)

Related bugs:

Cross-wiki file move & copy

Facilitate one-click file moves from any Wikimedia wiki

  • and one-click file move from Commons to any Wikimedia wiki (e.g. for unfree content that was uploaded to Commons but has to be moved to a local wiki with the relevant EDP)
  • and one-click file copy from any Wikimedia wiki to any Wikimedia wiki (e.g. for unfree content available on a wiki with the appropriate EDP, and that has to be copied to another wiki with a similarly appropriate EDP).
  • later: add move from any MediaWiki website / CMS to Commons
  • to keep in mind: watchlist

Related bugs:

Global usage tracking

for any Wikimedia wiki

  • later: add usage from any MediaWiki website with InstantCommons enabled

Related bugs:

  • bugzilla:1394: "File links" on the image pages should list links from other wikis
    • Marked as fixed, but polishing is needed
  • bugzilla:6220: Shared repositories support for Special:WantedFiles

Mirrorred file description page

Deal with it; remove it? improve it? Just do something

Related bugs:


Related bugs:

Multilingual support

User-friendly language setting

Possible solutions:

  • easy: use lang of the SUL'd user's home wiki as default language in preferences
  • harder: global language setting (overridden by local specific settings)
  • and in any case, add the language selector to the sign up page on multilingual wikis like Commons, so that users don't need to go in their preferences and change the language as soon as they register.
  • Make the info public? in order to make it easier for other people to communicate with the user

Sign up

Related bugs:

  • 5309 Localize captcha images
  • bugzilla:6466: Enable login language selection links on Commons, Meta, MediaWiki, and
    See also rev:14901 (language selector bar)

Multilingual communication

Communication between users is difficult on multilingual sites like Commons; people have to communicate using auto-translated templates.

Multilingual search

Multilingual categories

Allow translations of categories

  • see if this can be done as a larger overhaul of the interwiki system (bugzilla:11423)
  • talk with Duesentrieb, Siebrand and perhaps interwiki bot owners
  • see also Multilingual MediaWiki

Better language picker

Unlike just about every website on the planet, we have a need to allow quick switching between over 356 languages or dialects, sometimes on the same page.

Wikimedia's current solution is to present a menu of 356 choices to scroll through, using the name of the language in the language, ordered by ISO code.

The problem cannot be solved by any ordering, as that will always have languages that are harder to find. It is also sub-optimal to mix code pages, listing devanagari alongside roman letters, since there is no obvious order.

So we want to do away with a scrolling menu altogether. We want to use a text input that auto-completes with suggestions, much like the search box today. However, this auto-completion also knows about all the translations we have for all language names as well as their ISO codes. So to get to German, you could type de for its ISO code or Deutsch. You could also type ge which would give you "de - Deutsch (German)" among its choices, or even the Chinese name for German. We avoid the N**2 problem since if we do not have a translation for a particular language name in a particular language, that simply doesn't become part of the choices offered.


Related bugs:

  • bugzilla:1495: Undefined messages in user language don't fall back to MediaWiki: customizations
    Not exactly sure if the problem still exists
  • bugzilla:8287: Enable multilingual extension in Commons
    Probably not the best way to handle this
  • bugzilla:4125 Preserve ?uselang=xx / &uselang=xx during sessions



for all images of a category (+subcats?)


more visible, more explicit


Categories, galleries, etc.

Related bugs:

Site requests


Metadata extraction

Related bugs:

  • bugzilla::657: Pull copyright metadata from files on upload
  • bugzilla::16956: Show IPTC metadata on image description page
  • bugzilla:20326: Option to strip some metadata on upload (GPS/geolocation privacy)
  • bugzilla:12649: Show metadata information from SVGs on file description page
  • bugzilla:17370: Viewing metadata for deleted files and old revisions
    See if we still store metadata of deleted files and old revisions

Metadata computation & internal use

Structured data

Related bugs:

  • bugzilla:8298: Access information from a file description page where the file is used

Metadata search

Metadata export

Export formats:

  • in files on download, including downsized versions
  • queryable via the API?
  • other standard format (see w/ Liam)

Related bugs:

  • bugzilla::3361: Image author, description, and copyright data saved in EXIF fields
  • bugzilla:9666: External link syntax which adds rel="license"

To sort


Supported formats

Related bugs:

File checks

Related bugs:

  • bugzilla:10847: RAR concatenation in images
  • bugzilla:18803: JPEG 2000 image files are not supported, but can be uploaded non-functionally with .jpg extension
  • bugzilla:3675: PATCH: detect which mime types can be recognized reliably
  • bugzilla:11142: blacklist extension handling is broken
  • bugzilla:15874: Solution for permission to upload agains file type check
  • bugzilla:18372: File upload error messages don't properly take $wgFileBlacklist into account
  • bugzilla:18923: uploadcorrupt error message is vague and confusing
  • bugzilla:7645: Validate SVG content

Internal file management

Related bugs:


Related bugs:


Related bugs:

  • bugzilla:234: PNG thumbnails change binary transparency to alpha transparency, causing IE6 problems
  • bugzilla:2888: Broken thumbnails not being generated
  • bugzilla:9497: Thumbnails of large PNGs are not generated
  • bugzilla:13493: Can't create thumbnail of images with a peculiar aspect ratio
  • bugzilla:11045: Transparent PNGs resized with GD display with ugly background in IE 6
  • bugzilla:11822: rescaling of animated gif increase size
  • bugzilla:13252: Resizing of Some GIFs Rendering Poorly; Setting Needs Changing?
  • bugzilla:15488: Image thumbnail generator adding large amounts of artefacts
  • bugzilla:16140: images are resized using incorrect color space
  • bugzilla:16416: SVG rendering maximum should base on area, not largest size?
  • bugzilla:16785: Switch in bicubic image scaling for client-side thumbnailing in Internet Explorer 7
  • bugzilla:18014: Thumbnailing produces much worse results for PNGs than JPG, but PNG is the only real option for serious restoration
  • bugzilla:18127: Mediawiki accepts to create thumbnails with the wrong extension
  • bugzilla:19960: Preserve color profile information for thumbs (ImageMagick update)

SVG rendering