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Workflow and interface redesign

  • most likely cases (own work,
  • simple, not too verbose
  • but we need to educate them a little => quick tutorial for first-time users

Related bugs:

Staging area

aka holding area, incomplete uploads, quarantine section, etc.

Related bugs:

  • bugzilla:4995: Ability to block users from uploading files only
    Listing this bug only as a reminder. This is probably not the way we want to handle this kind of users.
  • bugzilla:2537: Ability to preview summary in "Upload file" page.
    Will probably be INVALID after the redesign of the upload process, since we don't want any (wiki)text on the upload page itself. Preview will be included in the next step of the upload where the user provides pieces of information about their file.
  • bugzilla:16437: Ability to preview vector/re-rendered images in Special:Upload "warning" interstitial.
  • bugzilla:20326: Option to strip some metadata on upload (GPS/geolocation privacy)

Multiple Upload

Allow several files to be uploaded at the same time (5 to 10)

  • possibility to add the same description(s), license(s), category(ies), geocode to all the pictures
  • but also to specify custom data for each

Related bugs:

  • bugzilla:488: Upload more than one file at a time
  • bugzilla:16751: Support multiple file uploads via Special:Upload (backend/infrastructure)
  • bugzilla:16752: Support HTML 5 multiple upload control
  • bugzilla:16753: Support Flash-based upload widget to handle multiple file selection
  • bugzilla:18132: Support multiple file uploads with upload-by-URL


Related bugs:

Smart upload

Metadata extraction

Extract relevant metadata from files on upload

  • Priority: EXIF
  • IPTC and XMP would be nice too, especially since XMP can host multilingual descriptions
  • where we store these metadata (existing templates, structured data) will be determined later.

See Multimedia:Metadata#Metadata extraction

Category suggestion

based on file name, keywords, description, metadata, etc.

Automatic conversion

Related bugs:

Copyright & permissions

Permissions workflow

Rethink it, make it more straightforward

PD calculator

worldwide PD calculator

EDP management

Some wikis have fair-use or similar policies. See EDP.

Source of upload

Upload by URL

from 3rd-party websites (flickr, Internet Archive, etc.)

  • Check if the source or the file provides useful metadata
  • Check if the source or the file provides copyright information

Related bugs:

  • bugzilla:18202: Upload-by-URL should run in background, report feedback interactively to user
  • bugzilla:18243: Upload via URL: More meaningful error messages when HTTP error encountered
  • bugzilla:18112: Retain URL as metadata on upload-by-url

Inline upload

upload while editing a page

Cross-wiki upload

Related bugs:


Related bugs: